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Different Cropping Patterns in Agriculture

    Different Cropping Patterns in Agriculture

Different Cropping Patterns in Agriculture

Agriculture is a field that requires continuous improvisations. Also, proper selection of patterns and various other things can give a tremendous hike to your yield. Therefore, below is the description of different cropping patterns in agriculture.


Mixed Cropping                              

The pattern involves the cultivation of two or more than two types of crops on a single piece of land in the same season. It has several advantages like it downturns the risk of failure as you are having another crop to rely upon for the same season, less prone to pests and diseases as different crops will not give favourable atmosphere for several pests to grow.



In this pattern, one can Cultivate two or more crops simultaneously. This gives the benefit of growing more in a single crop resource efficiently. Hence the process is economical and saves you from various inevitable consequences also. You should not choose crops that hinder each other growth. But those two crops are chosen that supports each others growth.


The intercropping pattern is further bifurcated into following types


 Strip Intercropping

In this pattern, different crops are grown in wide strips. That's why called as strip Intercropping. The distance is set such that it remains convenient to manage both the crops.


 Relay Intercropping

In this intercropping the two different crops are not grown at the same time, the second one is grown when the flowers if the first crop appears.


 Row Intercropping

In this pattern, two crops are grown in alternate rows. This helps to prevent weeds in the early stages and also helps in the reduction of risk.


Crop Rotation

In this farming pattern, farmers grow different crops in different season i.e, they do not engage in monotonous farming and try their hands on something new every season. It's not something they only want to try new but this practice has its own advantages. It helps in pests control, enriches the soil with more nutrients and most importantly make you realise the pros and cons of every crop with perfection.

All crop patterns have some limits. So be cautious while choosing the crops and then choose wisely. Also, the correct choice will give you a bumper yield. Also, the choice of crop pattern depends on the type of soil you have, the climatic condition of the region also plays a vital role. various other physical, economic, and social factors play a prominent role in deciding a crop pattern.



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