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MRF Tractor front - Shakti super

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Tractor front - Shakti super

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1.3-rib design with pronounced center rib
2.Strong nylon casing
3.Extra depth


1. Good steering control
2. Self cleaning property of tyre
3. Better retreadability and longer tyre life


The black rubber tyres are fit for a ride in rugged and unstructured fields. It gave durability and proper ride to the tractor, keeping it flexible and finished in look and overall feel. The tractor tyre of this type is one of the best and one in a million. MRF Shakti SUper tyre has all that a farmer is looking upfront for an ideal tractor to have. The MRF tractor tyre is properly ribbed and has the functionality of moving and riding with flexibility and smoothness, fixing the uneven balance of the field without letting the tractor body suffer for it. The price of MRF tractor front Shakti Super is priced at Rs 15200. The price of MRF Tractor Front- Shakti Super is economical and budget-friendly in nature.

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