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As we all know a tractor is nothing without its attachments whether they are tractor implements like a rotavator, cultivator or a trolley, without them, the tractor will be nothing more than just a transport vehicle. So to provide you with complete information related to your farm necessities Tractorgyan here provides you with all the specifications related to various farm implements present in the market. As we know earlier farming was done manually with the help of animals and wooden tools but with time the mechanization of farming took place that resulted in the automation of these wooden tools, hence making those implements one of the most important necessities of agriculture. These implements not only made agriculture hassle-free but also made it a more productive, time and energy-saving job. Currently, there are many affordable and high-quality implements producing brands in India.

Tractor Implements

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tractor brand Popular Tractor Brands

Recently Asked Question about Tractor Implements:

There are mainly 14 types of implements are available Rotavator Plough Cultivator Harrow Laser land leveler Combine harvester Potato planter Super seeder Baler Straw reaper Mulcher Sprayer Tipping trailer
It totally depends on which tractor implement you want to purchase. To get complete details of price you can visit
Quality of implements changes brand to brand. Every brand has its own mastery in specific Implement.
Yes, there is a wide range available for tractor implements. In case if its out of your budget you can buy it on EMI option.
You can buy implements on EMI option, also you can take it on rent. To know more about tractor implement on rent or EMI option you can visit
Generally tractor implements are mounted on and towed behind the tractor, can be used for different implements for different purposes like Tillage, Seed drill, LandScaping, fertilization, Harvesting etc.
Maximum implements are mounted behind the tractor and get powered by tractor.

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When you want to do farming you need a farmer but when you intend to do progressive and productive farming you need a tractor with its implements too! That’s what makes difference.

What are tractor implements? 

Tractor implements or agricultural implements in India are the tools and equipment that are required to carry out agricultural activities with ease and efficiency. Tractors in India also need implements so that they can perform well while in use. Without implements, farm activities cannot be performed with that flexibility, for agricultural pull-offs or loading activities these implements work best. 

Since, these implements like rotavator, plougher, seeder and other instruments all have been of great utility to the entire agricultural industry. Be it a small orchard farming or a huge farm maintaining like wheat cultivation. Implements work for all. However, tractor implements in India just add more quality to work. 

In the modern and advanced world, implements hold immense importance as they can be make work productive in a manner that fulfils the rising demand of farmers and other people involved. With the use of implements, the physical labour of every farmer has reduced greatly in large numbers.

What are the types of Implements that are used in farming and agriculture?

There are various numbers of farming implements that can be used in farming, the tractors in India are incomplete without the implements. Tractor implements are more useful than we think, modern technology has rigorously progressed, gone are the days when farmers used to do things on their own now the invention of modern tractors and equipment, farming has become exceptional and easy to carry out.

Here are the tractor implements list that is listed on our site too. You can also read in detail about them only at Tractor Gyan. 

  1. Rotavator -
    It is a tractor-drawn implement that is used for seedbed preparation and is also good for improving soil health and consuming fuel.

  2. MB Plough -
    It is another tractor implement that consists of share points too. The working of such ploughs is controlled by a hydraulic system.

  3. Super Seeder -This implement is used for the plantation of seeds especially wheat, soybean and grass. It also removes stubble & roots of paddy.

  4. Baler -
    Baler is the implements that are used in the recycling process.

  5. Sprayer -
    These implements are used for the projection of water and are also used as weed killers.

  6. Straw Reaper -
    It is the chopper that cuts, threshes and cleans the straw in the operation.

  7. Potato Planter -
    It is the farm implement that is used to sow potato seeds. 

  8. Combine harvester -
    It is a dynamic machine that is used to efficiently harvest grain crops. 

  9. Cultivator -
    This agricultural implement is used for secondary tillage.

  10.  Harrow -
    This implement is distinct in its effect as it is used in smoothing and breaking up the soil surface. 

  11. Laser leveller -
    It is the control tool or implements that are used to minimise the efforts of the farmers and simplify complex field tasks.

  12. Mulcher-This implement is applied on the surface of the soil for improving fertility and conserving the soil moisture. 

Tractor implements in today's advanced and systematised world are like soul to the body, no doubt tractors are efficient for farming but implements adds more utility to it. While tractors can manage the crop fields and improve the soil surface, tractor implements in India as described above are additionally used to help our farmer brothers and other tasks of the farm field. Some of the implements help in field preparation while some help in blending and fertilising soil. Tractors with agriculture implements are very useful and most in-demand in the market. At Tractor Gyan, we provide complete listings and information about the different implements which would make the picture of it clear and big.

Will the use of agricultural implements in India increase the profits and revenues of the farmer? 

Using modern technology in today's culture helps in minimising labour efforts and also helps in earning a great number of profits for the farmers. Tractor implements indeed serve this purpose. Smart farmers always prefer and choose to use new and modern tools and equipment that gives better results in agriculture and production. The farming and agriculture industry has seen great prosperity and response by the use of tractor implements and equipment. Companies manufacturing these implements have reduced their prices too due to the present scenario so that the farmer can be benefited.

Are tractor implements better than traditional farming methods?

Many farmers still use traditional methods of farming and their crop production accounts to be very minimal. Traditional methods are productive but not progressive they consume much of farmer efforts and labours, the time and efforts both are highly required here. But, using implements makes the farming methods go with ease. Tractors and their implements both are best to minimize the efforts of the farmers. Tractor implements in this era are much in demand just because farmers are seeing the potential in their use. Definitely using tractors and their implementation has benefited the farming culture more than anybody could think. With tractor farming becoming much more profitable and easy. That’s why tractor implements and incorporation of modern techniques while farming is better than continuing traditional farming. 

Hence, the best tractor equipment is a big deal to be used by the farmers for carrying out their agricultural operations. Be it rotavator, plougher, superseder or anything else each of them has a vital role and importance to play. Tractor implements are budget-friendly to be purchased; these are some of the essential assistance that our farmer brothers could look out for in easing their activities and minimizing their efforts. Tractor implements in India are now available in the best variety and flexible price range. To purchase one you should definitely keep visiting Tractor Gyan because we provide accurate and realistic information. 

Frequently Asked Question about Tractor implements

Ques. What are the different types of tractor implements available?

Ans. There are mainly 14 types of implements are available

  • Rotavator
  • Plough
  • Cultivator
  • Harrow
  • Laser land leveler
  • Combine harvester
  • Potato planter
  • Super seeder
  • Baler
  • Straw reaper
  • Mulcher
  • Sprayer
  • Tipping trailer.

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