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Goodyear has been present in India since 1922. It is presently working with two plants, one each in Ballabgarh and Aurangabad.
The first Goodyear factory opened in Akron, Ohio, in 1898.
Properly balanced tyres are important for driving comfort and long tyre life.
Any puncture larger than ¼ inch or to the sidewall is beyond repair. Also, never repair tyres that are worn below 1.6mm in tread depth.
Good year tyre price in India is available from 5000 to 25000, depend on requirement.
Yes, Good year makes tractor tires.
Vajra Super is the most popular tyre in India.
The weight of a truck tyre can range from 30 kg to as much as 80 kg.
On the sidewall of a tyre you will be able to find a 10 to 12 digit serial tyre identification number, which is usually preceded by the acronym “DOT”.
You can visit to get complete details of any brand of tractor tyre.

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