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भारत में टॉप 5 ट्रैक्टर टायर ब्रांड 2024

भारत में टॉप 5 ट्रैक्टर टायर ब्रांड 2024

किसान, जिसे हम अन्न दाता के नाम से भी जानते हैं उनके लिए ट्रैक्टर एक ऐसा टूल है जो उनकी खेती करने की...

7 Things to Keep in Mind While selecting tractor tyres

7 Things to Keep in Mind While selecting tractor tyres

Choosing and buying the right tractor tyres is often a difficult task and even if a small mista...

अक्टूबर 2021 से सरकार के इन मानदंडों पर ही बनेंगे टायर।

अक्टूबर 2021 से सरकार के इन मानदंडों पर ही बनेंगे टायर।

सड़क परवाहन मंत्रालय ने वाहनों की ईंधन खपत कम करने व सड़क सुरक्षा बढ़ाने की दृष्टि से तैयार किया नए...

Recently Asked Question about Tyres

Which tyre is best for tractor?

MRF, JK, Apollo, Ceat, MRL, Birla, ralco, Bkt are the best tractor tyre in India.

What is the cost of tractor tyre?

Tractor Tyre price starts from Rs. 3,050* - Rs. 40,500*.

What is tractor tyre size?

Tractor Tyre are available in different sizes such as 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28 and 16.9-28.

What is the weight of tractor tyre?

The weight of tractor tyre can range from 30 kg to as much as 80 kg.

Which brand is best for tractor tyre?

MRF, JK, Apollo, Ceat, MRL, Birla, ralco, Bkt are the best brands for tractor tyres in india.

From where can you buy tractor tyres?

At tractorgyan, you can buy tractor tyres in India.

Is warranty available on tyres?

Yes warranty is available on tyres, warranty condition can change brand wise.

Why front tyres of tractor are small?

Front tractor tyre are small because it helps in navigate through narrow and sharper corners in the farm.

Why do tractors have large rear tyres?

Tractor rear tyres are large because it helps to keep the tractor balanced, provide good visibility to driver and move the heavy things easily.

How many tractor tyre brand you can find at Tractorgyan?

You can find 9 tractor tyre brands at Tractorgyan.

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About Tractor Tyre 

Tractor tyre is an important asset for any farmer because it is required to run a crucial farming equipment, tractor. Depending upon the type of material used and tyre size, different types of tractor tyre are available in India. 

The leading tractor tyre brands in India like MRF, BKT, JK, CEAT, MRL, TVS and many more offering many tractor tyre varieties in India. You can buy tyre online India and learn about tractor tyre prices at TractorGyan. 

The tyre price in India varies according to the brand, construction, and type of tractor tyre. The tractor tyre price starts from Rs. 3,050* per tyre and it can go up to Rs. 40,500*.

Before buying a tractor tyre, farmers should learn about the latest tractor tyre in 2024  and study the brand reputation. 

What are the Tractors Tyre Prices in India?

The tractor tyre price is highly variable. We have different prices according to the tractor tyre features and tractor tyre brands. The tractor tyre price range in India is between Rs. 3,050* to Rs. 40,500*. 

You can get information about the latest tractor tyre prices in India at TractorGyan. Here, you can find updated information about front tractor tyre prices, rear tractor tyre price, and tractor tyre prices of leading brands. 

Tractors Tyre Features 

The best tractor tyre in India will have below-mentioned features in it. 

  • The tractor tyre price in India will be affordable so that more and more farmers can purchase it without any tension. 

  • An ideal tractor tyre will have a better tractor, larger footprints, comfortable ride, and reduced compaction in it so that it delivers better performance. 

  • A good tyre from a reputed tractor tyre brand in India is always available with a warranty. Warranty ensures that the minor tyre damages will be covered without any hassle. 

  • Tyres with If/VF technology are considered as the best tractor tyre in India because they can carry 20% extra load than any standard tractor tyre. 

Tractors Tyre Specification 

  • The most commonly found tractor sizes in India are written as 16.8-30. In this tractor size format, the first number is the total width of front tractor tyres and rear tractor tyres. It is measured in inches. The second number is the diameter of the rim.  

  • The standard front tractor tyres size is 6.00-16, 7.50-16 and 6.50-16. These tractor tyre sizes ensure effortless steering. 

  • For 20 inch rim, the popular front tractor tyre size is 6.50-20. 

  • The popular rear tractor tyres sizes are 12.4-28,13.6-28,14.9-28 and 16.9-28. This is an ideal tractor tyre size that is perfect for better grip. 

Factors Influencing Tractor Tyre Selection

  • The primary application and use of the tractor play a crucial role in tire selection. For instance, tractors used in the construction industry will require R5 or R4 types of tyres but farmers need agricultural or R1 tyres for their tractors. 

  • Different tread designs are suitable for different types of soils in India. Not every tractor tyre is ideal for all sorts of soils. 

  • Type of crops a farmer is cultivating also influences the tractor tyre selection. Crops that require minimum soil disturbance need tyres with compacted treads. For example, R2 tyres are ideal for rice cultivation But R1 tyres are perfect for wheat crop. 

  • The weather and climatic conditions of the region also influences the type of tractor tyres farmers need to purchase. Tractors used in wet and dry conditions need all-season tractor tyres while users of tractors in cold regions need winter tyres. 

  • The  load farmers have to handle during farming also impacts the tractor tyre selections. If farmers don’t have to do heavy loading, they can go for lightweight loading capacity. 

  • Speed ratings of the tractor influences the purchase of tractor tyres in India. 

Top Tractor Tyre Brands in India

India has many leading tractor tyre brands offering quality and durable tyres. 

Apollo is one of the best tractor tyre brands of India. It offers agricultural tyres and commercial tyres at an affordable cost. The tractor tyre price in India from Apollo starts from Rs. 3, 400.  Apollo Agrex 85, Apollo Bhim, and Apollo Dhurv are some famous tractor tyre models from  Apollo. 

BKT is a leading tractor tyre brand offering tyres like BK 308, and BK 208. The BKT tractor tyre price in India starts from Rs. 3,600. 

Good Year tyre manufacturing company make commercial and agricultural tyres. Its tyres are long lasting and affordable. Models like Good Year Vajra Super 12.4 X 28(s) and Good Year Vajra Super 6.50 are famous. The tractor tyre price range for this brand is Rs.3,600- 45,000. 

CEAT tractor tyre price range is between Rs. 3,500 - Rs. 35,000. Tyres from this brand are durable and suitable for various activities. CEAT Aayushmaan 12.4 X 28(s) and CEAT Aayushmaan 6.50 X 20(s) are a few famous models. 

  • MRF Tractor Tyre

MRF is a reliable tractor tyre brand of India and offers many types of tractor tyres. The tractor tyre price range for MRF tyres is Rs. 3900 to 55000*. MRF Shakti Life 6.00 X 16 and MRF Shakti Super 12.4 X are some famous tyre models. 

Birla tractor tyres are famous for advanced design and great durability. The Birla tractor tyre price in India is between Rs. 3800 to 50000*. Some famous models from this tractor tyre brand in India are Birla Shaan 6.50 X 20(s) and Birla Farm Haul Platina – Front 6.00 X 16(s). 

  • JK Tractor Tyres

JK tractor tyres are affordable and have computerized design. The starting tractor tyre price is Rs. 3,100*. JK Sona 6.00 X 16(s) and JK Sona 7.50 X 16(s) are some famous models of JK tractor tyres. 

Tractor Tyre Maintenance Tips for Longevity

Learning about tractor tyre maintenance helps farmers to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of tractor tyres. These tips are useful for every tractor tyre user. 

  • We recommend doing a regular visual inspection of the tyres. Make sure there is no sign of breakage and damage. 

  • For long lasting performance, always maintain the ideal inflation pressure in the front and rear tractor tyres. Tyres with low pressure will consume more fuel and  will have low traction. 

  • Make sure that you meet the tractor tyre load capacity. If you overload a tractor then its tyre will damage quickly.  

  • Tyres should be properly ballsted so that weight is equally distributed on all the tyres. It prevents damage to the tyres. 

  • Front tractor tyres and rear tractor tyres wear in different manners. So, you should switch these tyres at regular intervals. Change your front tractor tyres with rear tractor tyres after a certain time period so that all the tyres have the same level of damage.  

  • The tractor wheels should be properly aligned so that tyres are not used irregularly. 

  •  It is better to avoid taking sharp turns because they turn cause scuffing. 

How to Choose the Right Tractors Tyre

Farmers can’t make a wrong choice when it comes to buy agricultural tyres because a tractor tyre is important to optimize the performance and fuel efficiency of a tractor. 

Below, we have listed a few key factors to consider when farmers want to buy a tractor tyre online or offline. 

  • Farmers need to check the tractor tyre size and  need to make sure that both the front tractor tyres and rear tractor tyres are according to the tractor size. Using the wrong tire size can affect the tractor's performance and stability.

  • The tread design of a tractor tyre is suitable for different terrain. For instance, R1 tread tractor tyres are perfect for general farming while R2 tread design is ideal for rice and cane fields. So, farmers need to understand their farming requirements and pick tractor tyres accordingly. 

  • It is important to understand the load capacity of the tyre to ensure they can handle the weight of your tractor and any implements. 

  • Farmers should also choose tractor tyres according to the weather conditions in your region. For topical regions, all-season tractor tyres are suitable. 

  • Checking the speed rating of the tractor tyres is also important. Some tractor tyres have higher speed and they are suitable for road travel while few tractor tyres have slower speeds and are only used in off-roading conditions. 

  • You should always choose tyres from reputable tractor tyre brands as these tyres will have longer life, better performance, and reduced maintenance costs.

Why Choose Tractor Gyan to Buy the Best Tractors Tyre? 

A right type of tractor tyre provided stability and performance to a tractor. This is why farmers need to be fully aware while they plan to buy tractor tyres online India. 

They should research leading tractor tyre brands, best tractor tyres in India, and tyre tractor price. TractorGyan helps farmers to gather all this information over a single click. 

We have a dedicated tractor tyre listing page where updated information on tractor tyres price list and latest tractor tyres in 2024 is offered. The platform helps farmers to choose the best tractor tyre for their tractor.