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Retail Tractor sales down by 9.07% YoY in November 2021 shows Fada Research

Retail Tractor sales down by 9.07% YoY in November 2021 shows Fada Research

Good days Seldom come after hardships, tractor industry seems like undergoing this quote. Retail tra...

Sonalika clocks highest ever November overall estimated market share of 16% with 1.4% market share gain in 2021

Sonalika clocks highest ever November overall estimated market share of 16% with 1.4% market share gain in 2021

New Delhi, December 06, 2021: Growing awareness about technology importance in agriculture has led t...

Mahindra’s FES Sells 26,094 Tractors in India during November 2021

Mahindra’s FES Sells 26,094 Tractors in India during November 2021

Mumbai, December 1, 2021: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), part of...


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Not just the tagline of Tractorgyan, but it is also the real term idea of providing every inch of information about the tractors, newly launch tractor, all tractor brands, mini tractors, tractor models, tractors for sale, compare tractors, tractors with prices and accurate value and whatnot. The on-road price and other specification details of the tractor are no doubt difficult to look at here and there. Hours and hours are spent on searching about the tractor information, thus this jostle is solved by listing out all the information and facts about the tractors on a single platform. Tractor Gyan aims at providing authentic and accurate information about the tractors, tyres, and other implements. Having all the info in one platter reduces the work for the farmers and makes things easy and simple for them. Moreover, the main aim of Tractor Gyan is to help farming look attractive and showcase its true potential to the people associated with it and also, to the other populace at large who are interested to know everything about the farming and agricultural industry.

Tractor Gyan stands upright to encourage the easy flow of information about the tractors and their respective brands to the farmers and other users, helping them get a clear vision of what kind of tractor suits their expectations and what is the price of tractors in India in 2021. The flow of communication eliminates the hindrances of getting misguided and misled on the information. Having said that it is very important to publish accurate and realistic information on various tractors. The brand history, the current on-road price of the tractor, the second-hand buying and selling of the tractors, other vital info, all are conveyed through an authentic platform of Tractor Gyan.

The agricultural industry has a changing graph of growth, all the updates and recent news related to the agricultural sector is posted and published on the site with current facts jotted in it. All the agriculture-related news and press releases are timely posted over each platform to serve the best and the faster information. This section personally provides best info and news update that is necessary for the farmers to know and get the real insights on it. The current trends with all the relevant and hot selling issues and updates get posted here. So binge-watchers, get prep up to know every inch of the current news and issues on Tractor Gyan.

Further, investment on tractors has been the another subject which we cover on our platform. Financial assistance motivates the farmers to take a step ahead and think about the purchase or resale of the tractors. Having a bag of knowledge about the tractors, the buying process ease out. The aim of Tractor Gyan is to spread financial awareness by penning down things related to Tractor loan, tractor subsidy and EMI calculator. For the long-term safety of the tractors, the option of insurance is also available for getting assured about it. The insurance details are not that easy to find, the easy to search options and convenient navigability of the website makes it feasible for all the users to seek better opportunity. Hence with Tractor Gyan the stress and tension of buying/selling/comparing the tractors goes away at the click of the button. 

The site visiting becomes more interesting for the farmers because they also get information about the dealers. The dealership of the tractor and the dealers info becomes easier for them to know, Tractor Gyan portal consists of every bit of the detail that is required to know about the dealers and get in touch with them. The dealers and dealerships of the tractors are not easy to get, yet to know about it every farmer struggles a lot. Our platform simplifies this problem. So now if you want to know any current trend of farming industry or any subsidy scheme to be availed or any newly launched brand info, then visit Tractor Gyan. Tune to Tractor Gyan now!

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