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Top 10 Brush Cutter Models In India: Decoding Their Uses and Advantages

Top 10 Brush Cutter Models In India: Decoding Their Uses and Advantages

    Top 10 Brush Cutter Models In India: Decoding Their Uses and Advantages

19 Apr, 2024

The Brush Cutter machine helps in cutting down unwanted shrubs, tall grass, and more as these unwanted growth on your farmland can hinder the growth of your crop. Yes, it happens because they consume the nutrients in place of the planted crop. This is why getting rid of them is very important for any farmer. The brush cutter is of great help to farmers in this regard. 

What is a Brush Cutter? 

A brush cutter is a powerful agricultural or garden tool that effectively removes the unnecessary cultivation of weeds and small plants overgrown grass. It features a power head connected to a blade. The power head is powered by a gasoline engine or an electric motor. Farmers start the engine and the blades connected to the head start rotating. 

As farmers move the grass cutter on the field, the rotative blades start cutting the unwanted growth on the farmland. 

Some of the brushwood cutters allow the use of various accessories such as grass blades, compost blades, brushwood blades, and saw blades to improve their productivity. 

Types of Brush Cutters in India

Many varieties of Grass cutters are available in India including: 

  1. Handheld Brush Cutter- The handheld cutter is the most common type and they are small in size. They are capable of cutting saplings up to 2 inches wide and brush up to 6 feet tall. Farmers should use this type of brushwood cutter when there are dense bushes and weeds present on the field. 

  2. Walk Behind Brush Cutter- This type of brush or grass cutter is perfect for larger areas where overgrown bushes are found. 

  3. Tow Behind Brush Cutter- Tow Behind brushwood cutters are perfect for cleaning very thick brushes. Farmers can attach them with a mini tractor or ATV and use them in large landscaping areas like abandoned fields and grounds. You can adjust the cutting height. 

  4. Bicycle Handle Brush Cutter- These are some of the most well-known grass cutters and they come in a wide range of styles. They are perfect for flat terrain and large areas of grass and low-level weeds. 

  5. Loop Handle Brush Cutter- This type of grass cutter features a loop-style handle and is ideal for fields featuring light bushes. They can easily navigate around the obstacles. 

  6. Petrol Brush Cutter- These are large brushwood cutters that can operate in a large area. They can cut tall grass and weeds. 

  7. Electric Brush Cutter- This type of grass cutter can cut thick vegetation, tall grass, weeds, brambles, bushes, and small hedges with the help of rotating steel blades. 

Advantages of Brushwood Cutter Machine

Farmers can get many benefits if they use the right kind of brushwood cutter. Some key advantages of using a brush cutter are mentioned below. 

  • This tool comes with multiple blade adjustments so that farmers can work with a wide range of materials. 

  • They are lightweight tools and are very easy to use. 

  • They don’t require too much maintenance. 

  • They are very simple and are perfect for using on small farms.  

  • They have an engine or motor that moves the blades faster. Because of this, they can clean the weeds quickly and save farmers time. 

  • Farmers can adjust the cutting depth and width. This helps in the precision cutting of the weeds.

  • As brush cutters remove unwanted growth from the fields, farmers can boost the crop’s productivity.

Brush Cutter Price Range in India 2024

The brush cutter price range is between INR 5,000- 70,000*. The price varies according to the features and facilities offered. 

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Brush Cutter in India 

If you want to make the most of the money invested to purchase a brush cutter, you need to make sure that you’re buying the correct model. Here are some of the few things that will help you understand how to choose the right brush cutter model. 

  • Figure out the primary use case of a brush cutter. Do you need it to trim the grasses or cut the wood stems as well? This is important to determine the cutting capacity of a cutter. 

  • Find out your spending capacity. The price range of a brush cutter in India is highly diverse. A simple model can start from INR 5,000* while a high-end model can cost you up to INR 60,000*. So, you need to decide the amount you can spend to buy a brush cutter and then find a suitable model. 

  • Try to learn about the cutting width of selected models. Cutting the width of a brush cutter is a clear indication of the working capacity of this machine. A cutter with a wider cutting width will cover a large area in one go while models with a lower cutting width will take more time to finish the same area. 

  • Go for models built using premium material and have heavy-duty metal blades. Such models will last long and demand less maintenance. 

  • Figure out the type of brush cutter you need. You have options like a hand-held cutter, patrol cutter, electric cutter, and many more. Each type works differently. So, you need to decide which type will be suitable for you. 

  • If you’re a commercial farmer and have cultivated different types of crops over the years, you should consider buying a highly versatile brush cutter. A cutter that can work with different attachments such as a hedge trimmer, water pump, pole pruner, and tiller will be of great help to you. 

  • Pay attention to the safety features offered in a model.

Top 10 Brush Cutter Models in India That You Can Try in 2024 

If you’re interested in buying the best brush cutter in India, we have the list of best 10 brush cutter models to suggest. 

1. VST 242 HD 

vst 242 hd

VST 242 HD is the best brush cutter in India because this is a very modern heavy-duty tool. Its key features are: 

  • 2-stroke engine that comes with semi-dry type cleaner, 41.5 CC displacement, and recoil starting system. 

  • Fuel tank of 1 liter capacity. 

  • Automatic centrifugal clutch. 

  • 1-year warranty. 

VST 242 HD Price in India 

VST 242 HD brush cutter price is INR 60,000* in India. 

2. Neptune BC - 360

neptune bc 360

The power-packed Neptune BC - 360 brush cutter has a wide range of features that make it one of the best brush cutters in India. 

  • It has a powerful and maintenance-free petrol engine 

  • It comes with different types of blades and cutters that make this model ideal for multi-purpose use, which saves time and labour. 

  • It comes with a unique anti-vibration technology. 

  • The engine HP is 1.5. 

Neptune BC - 360 Price in India 

Neptune BC - 360 brush cutter cost is INR 13,999* in India. 

3. Balwaan BX-35

balwaan bx 35

The brushcutter from Balwaan is one of the most cost-effective on the market and it is laced with features that make it outstanding from its peers. For instance: 

  • It includes a 360-degree inclinable engine. 

  • It comes with a recoil low-noise starter. So, its operations are noise-free. 

  • It has back straps so that farmers can carry it anywhere easily. 

  • It is powered by a 4-stroke OHC petrol engine. It has a 0.63-litre gasoline tank that is lubricated with an oil mist system. 

  • It is built of high-quality materials that make it viable to operate for continual hours. 

Balwaan BX-35 Price in India 

Balwaan BX-35 brush cutter price is INR 9,149* in India. 

4. Green Leaf Bajaj

green leaf bajaj

One of the most cost-effective brush cutters in India is the Green Leaf Bajaj brush cutter. It has managed to win the hearts of many farmers across India because of its outstanding features which includes:

  • A 35cc four-stroke engine that can perform for long hours. 

  • 80t and 3T blades that cut weeds very precisely.

  • Warranty of 6 months. 

  • Ability to cut and harvest crops such as wheat, rice, sugarcane, and soybean. 

  • Safety belt. 

Green Leaf Bajaj Price in India 

Green Leaf Bajaj's Brush Cutter cost is INR 9,000* in India. 

5. Husqvarna 525 RS

husqvarna 525 rs

This is a powerful and adaptable piece of agricultural equipment capable of heavy trimming. It has made it into our list of top 10 brush cutters in India because of its amazing features such as: 

  • The strong X-Torq engine can produce maximum power while consuming less fuel. 

  • Tilted handlebars that make it easier to grip and enable quick acceleration. 

  • Auto-return stop switch that grants better control over the machine 

  • An excellent air filter that keeps the engine powerful. 

Husqvarna 525 RS Price In India 

Husqvarna 525 RS Brsh Cutter price in India is INR 28,650*. 

6. Neptune BC - 360 Side Pack 

neptune bc 360 side pack

Anti-vibration technology used in this brush cutter makes it one of the top 10 brush cutters in India. We loved this model because: 

  • It boasts a high-capacity, maintenance-free petrol engine. 

  • A sturdy substance utilized in the creation of this product ensures that the farmlands are perfectly groomed. 

  • It is a multi-purpose cutter that fits numerous brush cutter blades.

Neptune BC - 360 Side Pack Price In India 

Neptune BC - 360 Side Pack Brush Cutter Cost is for INR 11,999*. 

7. Husqvarna 143R – II

husqvarna 143r ii

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and powerful brush cutter then the Husqvarna 143R-II brush cutter is the right choice to make because: 

  • Its small design makes it ideal for tough terrains. 

  • It comes with asymmetrically built handlebars and a double harness. 

  • It has a maximum power speed of 7500 RPM and uses 1.5 kW. 

  • The die-cast clamp used in this model makes it highly sturdy. 

Husqvarna 143R - II Price India 

Husqvarna 143R - II Brush Cutter price in India is INR 34,000*. 

8. Honda UMK 450T UTNT

honda umk 450t utnt

Honda UMK 450T UTNT is the first two-horsepower four-stroke engine cutter in India. You can purchase it without any worries as 

  • It's perfect for muddy terrain.

  • It is a high-duty brush or grass cutter made with the latest technology that decreases noise and vibration. 

  • It comes with a 360-degree inclining engine and a double-padded belt.

  • Farmers can use it for up to 1000 hours each year. 

  • It can perform de-weeding and fodder harvesting.  

Honda UMK 450T UTNT Price in India 

Honda UMK 450T UTNT Brush Cutter cost in India is INR 38,187*.

9. Honda UMK435T U2NT

honda umk435t u2nt

This outstanding Honda product comes equipped with all of the necessary features to boost production. 

  • It is ideal for all types of agricultural grounds because of its 360-degree inclination. 

  • It has a 1.5 HP engine with an overhead cam single cylinder and is propelled by a robust 4-stroke engine. 

  • The brush cutter is equipped with a recoil starter and magneto ignition for efficient operation. 

  • Honda UML435T U2NT fits two-blade cutters for optimal grooming and uses less gasoline.

Honda UML435T U2NT in India 

Honda UML435T U2NT Brush Cutter price is INR 37,500* in India. 

10. Neptune BC - 520W

neptune bc 520w

It's one of Neptune's most powerful brush cutters introduced till now. This brushwood cutter features:

  • A powerful engine with a capacity of 51.7 CC and a horsepower of 1.95.

  • Robust handles and a luxurious bumper.

  • Good thermal performance.

  • A simple start-up system that provides trouble-free, continuous acceleration.

 Neptune BC - 520W Price in India 

 Neptune BC - 520W Brush Cutter Cost in India is INR 15,599*. 

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