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Top 12 Agricultural tools/farming tools in India 2022

    Top 12 Agricultural tools/farming tools in India 2022

Top 12 Agricultural tools/farming tools that a farmer must have to increase its monthly yields.

02 Sep, 2021

The trending top 12 agricultural equipment for farmer uses have been a big deal for farmers, as they manage the farms but this tool helps them to make the agricultural land more useful and productive. In this blog we will talk about top 12 agricultural tools for farmer uses.

Manually spying on agricultural operations is not possible and thus, having the best tool for assistance in managing and working out on the agricultural farm is very vital and so having agricultural tools is the need of an hour.

The agricultural industry of India has been, largely progressing and has a major contribution towards the economy, the production and profitable growth of the respective industry is very important and so farmers have a huge pressure of yielding progressively, thus employing the best tractor implements and agricultural tool minimizes their hard work and makes production more fast and effective. 


Agricultural machinery and tools have been used for reducing manual labour and in return bring out the best efficiency in work and great productivity which couldn’t be anyway achieved by limited manpower. Amusingly these implements can be used interchangeably and are also priced at economic prices. These farmingh tools in India are affordable and within the budget of the farmers, so buying them is not a big deal. These agricultural tools are used for weed elimination, fertilizers, general tillage, fumigation and elimination. More than 50% of the Indian economy is dependent on the agriculture sector and hence, inculcating best tools and machineries for better progress is not something to be avoided.

This blog in the specific lists out the 12 best and common agricultural tools in India that should be used by farmers to carry out their work with efficiency and ease. Get few minutes to go through this informative page, we are sure you’ll have the best information collected through this blog.

List of best and affordable agricultural tools in India.

The below information reveals some necessary and important top 12 agricultural tools for farmers in India. Which will help you to choose the best one. Read ahead!

  1. Axe:
    For all kinds of primary and advanced purposes, the axe is used and employed for agricultural operations. Axe is used for cutting purposes, this instrument is helpful in cutting the heavy logs and other rigid substances. Moreover, the axe has a heavy head fixed on it with an edge parallel to the handle. The Axe is used to shape out, cut, harvest timber and split out the huge logs. The sharp edge of the axe helps to easily cut the heavy and thick woods.

  2. Rake:
    Rake is the horticultural tool used and employed for outsider uses, in simple words it is the brush or broom used for outdoor operations. A sharp-toothed bar is fixed along which is transverse to a handle and is used to collect the leaves, hay and grasses. Rake is used majorly to remove the dead grass from the lawn, losing the soil, land levelling and light weeding are other applications of it. MOdern and large mechanised rakes are known as hay rakes and are made in various forms and origins. Star-wheel rakes and rotary are the other kinds. The price of rakes is inexpensive and pocket-friendly.

  3. Shovel:
    This agricultural tool is used for digging, lifting and removing the bulk materials such as soil, coal, gravel and snow out of the rugged layer of the soil. It is the hand tool that has a broad blade fixed to the end which sharply cuts down the soil and helps in the removal and cutting of the substances that are present on the land layer. The blades of the shovel are made up of strong steel and hard plastics that are robust and strong and makes the work easy for farming.

  4. Gardening Fork:
    Also known as digging fork or spading fork it is widely used for the digging purpose, improving the gardening land in a better way. The gardening tool consists of a handle and short or sturdy tines which are used more for levelling the garden soil with its sharp teeth. This agricultural equipment helps in loosening, lifting and turning the soil that is required for crop rotation or blending the nutrients into the soil.

  5. Pruning Saw:
    To trim the trees and unrequired shrubs, a pruning saw is widely used. All varieties of Pruning saw are available in different sizes and shapes, but all of them have a hard point and heat-treated teeth. The pruning saw is one of the important tools to be used during farming as it is best suited for thick branches and thick stems.

  6. Hedge Shears:
    These are the agricultural scissors which are used to cut small branches and sam;l plants leaving no edge and dead plants along. Hedge shears cut the plants and wooden material almost to ½ inch of thickness, for cleansing and managing the agricultural field, these shears are used immensely. These are the most commonly used farm tools that are made with wooden handles, grips and sharp blades.

  7. Wheelbarrow
    The wheelbarrow is the single-handed carriage that keeps in store all the trashes of the farm. This barrow has two/three balancing wheels, it is the close-packed vehicle that loads on all the items and simplifies the work of the farmer for cleaning and redressing the agricultural land.

  8. Land Mover:
    It is also known as the mover, grasser or lawn mower that is supposed to clean the entire farmland. It is the most efficient agricultural tool or vehicle that has one or more rolling blades to cut the grass surface to an even length. If you want to see a beautiful and healthy farming land or agriculture space then having a land mover is a must. The blades of the mover are mechanically connected to the wheels and are of two types one is pushing mover and the other is electric grass mover.

  9. Seeder and Fertilizer:
    Seeder and fertilizers are the best equipment that is used to place the seeds into the soil for cultivation and cropping. It also helps in the equal distribution of fertilizers and pesticides. This equipment carries a hoper and tank that loads in all the pesticides and fertilizer to spread it over the agricultural easily.

  10. Machete:
    This tool is handled with a strong handle and a long sharp steel blade. The Machete is easy to carry and can be easily handle and commuted over the places. Thus, it is compact and very handy to use and irreplaceable in any manner. The Machete is used for moving the grass, cutting or pruning the plants and removing the stems or working through the brush.

  11. Tractor Implements:
    The tractor implements like rotavator, cultivator, the harrower, sprayer and seeder and many more such are most common in demand and their availability. The tractor implements make sure that the farm operations are executed with utmost accuracy and efficiency. We have also listed 13 important implements on our site, to help you learn about it in a more certain way. These tractor implements are available at affordable rates and has much more utility than anything else. Farmers prefer having them for easing out the agricultural work

  12. Watering Can
    This agricultural tool is used majorly for the small farms or gardening purposes but sometimes even farmers use them to irrigate the agricultural land, watering can is useful for supplying the water all over the farms so that every plant and agricultural being get a proportionate amount of it. Watering can help in making the best utilisation of water without wasting it rather supplying it to the necessary areas of the farms and fields.

The agriculture industry is growing exceedingly, the growth and prosperity of this industry are very important to instigate the overall progress of the economy, however, the agricultural sector needs to get refined by the use of the best quality tractor equipment and tools. The above listed top 12 agricultural equipment for farmer uses have been the trend changing necessity for the framers. Managing the agricultural farms becomes sufficiently easy and convenient with the use of these tools and equipment. Perhaps, this was just a blog giving you a glimpse of vital tools that are employed for farming and agriculture and has a direct impact on productivity. To know more such interesting things related to the farming industry, visit Tractorgyan.

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