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DBT agriculture registration | benefits ,schemes in 2021

    DBT agriculture registration | benefits ,schemes in 2021

25 May, 2020

It’s time for farmers to avail benefit from DBT agriculture. Know in detail what it has and how it can benefit farmers. 


Farmers and agriculture in India-

Agriculture is the main segment of the Indian economy and it is also known as the backbone of the Indian economy. With no farming and agriculture, the country apparently sees no future of growth in occupation and overall economic valuation. For India, the farming industry has a major role to play and farmers have major rights to access and empower for having a better future in the farming occupation. DBT is the abbreviation of Direct Benefit Transfer which consists of various farming schemes and policies, which are formulated by the Central and the State government in India for the welfare and great benefits of farmers. The policies work in favour of the farmers helping them get the best and efficient farming advantages that can almost reduce their work burden and multiply the possibility of better farming for them. The Central government has brought this privilege of giving valuable benefits to the farmers and his family for the purpose of reducing the work stress from them and motivating them to excel in their work easily. 


Subsidy for farmers has a lot of hindrances and not required barriers, but the government, looking forward to the scope of it to the farmers, has now launched schemes of transferring these subsidies directly to the beneficiaries through their bank accounts. It is very important for the farmers to have extra perks and benefits offered by the government for the purpose of supporting better productivity and efficiency in the farming industry. 


What is DBT Agriculture?

On 1 January, 2013 DBT agriculture was formed and formulated by the government of India. The system aims at directly transferring the subsidy to the farmer beneficiary, this includes LPG subsidy, MNREGA payment, old age pension and scholarship and many more such other schemes. Farmers get the advantage of direct transactions with no barrier in between. This platform of DBT keeps the record of all the details and information about the farmers so that they can anytime get the best benefit of government schemes and policies in advance. DBT agriculture makes it easy for the farmers to directly get all the money in their account more than that it also helps the government and farmers both to have a transparent account of money allotted for the schemes. 


For the purpose of offering the utmost benefit and welfare to the farmer community of India, the Central and State governments collectively took a step to initiate DBT agriculture, this rather helped in promoting ease of the process and to help the farmers get maximum benefit and returns on their farming habitat.  DBT is the part and major segment controlled and managed by the Indian Department of Agriculture. It manages different agricultural schemes from one platform. The idea is to provide subsidy benefits to the farmers that can reach directly to their accounts. This blog basically revolves around DBT agriculture procedures and other details that you won’t find elsewhere. 


What is the structure on which DBT works?
DBT is the result of sheer efforts of the government and department of agriculture, to help farmers get their rights and privilege over any fraud and barrier that cause huge loss to them. The DBT body works on simple and clear functions such as subsidies are directly passed to the farmers below the poverty line. The Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System is responsible to prepare a complete list of beneficiaries that are digitally signed and verified. A most important note here is that the payment against schemes will be processed using the NPCI’s aadhar payment bridge. To know in detail about the command and laws of DBT agriculture, visit the CPSMS website. 


What is the farmer’s eligibility for DBT agriculture?
The farmer’s eligibility for DBT agriculture is not that easy to predict or set in standards. The Central and State government intends to provide maximum subsidy to the farmers through these schemes and other policies, the idea here is to help farmers get the maximum of their rights and responsibilities. Yet, every individual scheme drafted by the government has its own laws and rules regarding the eligibility of the farmers. Thus, if you want to know the eligibility of the farmers in exact terms then remember every scheme has their own eligibility criteria for the farmers. Further, the document and verification process in specific requires an Aadhar card, Voter id, bank account details and bank passbook. These are the necessary documents that are required for authentication and better verification of the farmers in the industry. Each and every clause and benefit of the schemes are based on thorough specifications. This is to promote better facilities for the farmers. 


What are the types of Schemes in DBT Agriculture?
DBT is an easy process of distributing subsidies to the farmers, there are some easy types of DBT process under which farmers receive their right to subsidy THese are listed below- 

  • Cash Transfer -
    The subsidy prices for the farmers are given directly in the form of cash. The individual beneficiaries get cash subsidy from the government, the numerous ways through which farmers get subsidy allowance, it can be straight in hand or from state treasury to beneficiary’s account or from the government appointed implementation body or the recipient collects it directly from the federal or state government.

  • In- kind incentives -
    This is another way of providing benefits to the farmers. The government provides subsidies to the beneficiaries through recognised central agencies. Sometimes the government bears the expense of purchasing a product that can be publicly distributed and supplying them to the recipient that they have selected. THe beneficiaries then get these products at a small or very less price.

  • Other ways of transferring subsidies are in the form of grants, benefits and more given like non-governmental organizations. These payments are given in order to keep farmer’s rights preserved and freezed up for them with no chances of  fraud or decieve.

How to apply for DBT Agriculture?

  • Apply for DBT with a valid Aadhar card in hand. The most important user identification is the Aadhar card in today’s world. For the agricultural department Aadhar card number is the most important thing, in case if the Aadhar card number is not available one can easily go to the nearest Aadhar card center for enrollment. Farmers can get the information about their nearest Aadhar centre from governmental portal.

  • Voter card is the next big thing that is required for registration of DBT agriculture. Without a voter card it is not easy to register and get subsidies for the schemes and policies. The importance of having a user identification is to the extent that DBT benefit is not easy to avail without it.

  • Bank Details - The next big thing without which subsidy wouldn’t be transacted to the farmers is the bank account detail of farmers. There should be accuracy in registering the bank name, account number and IFSc code or any other detail required. The hindrance of transacting the subsidy will totally get eliminated  


Schemes under DBT agricultural

                                               Schemes Benefit Type
Agri Clinics and Agri Business Centres Scheme (ACABC) - CASH/KIND
Integrated Scheme on Agriculture Cooperation (AGRICOOP) KIND
Agriculture Technology Management Agency - Extension Functionaries (ATMA-EF) CASH/KIND
Agriculture Technology Management Agency - Farmers (ATMA-F) CASH/KIND
Krishi Unnaiti Yojna(KUY)-MOVCDNER (KUY) CASH/KIND
Sub Mission on Agriculture Mechanization (M&T) CASH/KIND
Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) CASH
National Food Security Mission (NFSM) CASH/KIND
National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture-Rainfed Area Development (NMSA-RAD) CASH/KIND
Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) KIND
Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana (PMKSY) CASH
Sub Mission on Seeds and Planting Material (SEEDS) CASH/KIND
Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PMKISAN) CASH/KIND


There are many more such agricultural schemes and policies that you might take a note of by visiting DBT portal directly. Tractor Gyan too provides all the requisite information and knowledge about the DBT agriculture schemes and process. Keep visiting Tractor Gyan to know everything in detail about it. 

DBT agriculture in India is a progressive approach for farmers.
DBT agriculture has facilitated better ways for a farmer to exercise their right to the subsidy. The amount they receive and the funds they get through the transaction is easily processed and accounted for under government laws which minimizes the risk of getting any hindrance in it. To preserve the rights and power of farmers the Central and the State government has figured out the best way to provide a farmer with a deserving subsidy. DBT agriculture is the modest and the most lucrative form of producing the best subsidy allowance for the farmers. The idea is not to get much into it. 


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