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List of Top 10 tractors under 5 Lakhs in India

    List of Top 10 tractors under 5 Lakhs in India

29 Jun, 2022

The tractor is an essential component of farming. Tractor not only helps in the agricultural process but also make the process of farming easy. To ease the further process of selecting or choosing a tractor here we bring the list of tractors under 5 lakhs, 4 lakhs, and 3 lakhs respectively.


1. Sonalika DI 734 (S1)

The Sonalika DI 734 (S1) has eight forward plus two reverse gearboxes along with a single clutch. Sonalika DI 734 (S1) also has a fantastic kmph forward speed. Dry Disc Brakes are used on the Sonalika DI 734 (S1) model. The steering type of the Sonalika DI 734 (S1) is smooth mechanical/power steering (optional). It has a huge 55-liter gasoline tank that may be used for lengthy periods on farms. The lifting capacity of the Sonalika DI 734 (S1) is 1200 kg.

 Sonalika DI 734 (S1) costs around 4. 92 lakhs.


2. Mahindra 265 DI

In India, the Mahindra 265 DI tractor is the most popular. This Mahindra micro tractor is extremely adaptable and requires very little maintenance, making it very cost-effective for Indian farmers.

This Mahindra 265 DI tractor is a 30-horsepower tractor with a 25.5 horsepower PTO. This Mahindra tractor is even more responsive with its powerful engine and dry-type single-clutch. This Mahindra tractor type has an 8F+2R transmission and oil-immersed disc brakes, which are industry standards.


3. Massey Ferguson 1030 DI Maha Shakti

The Massey Ferguson 1030 DI Maha Shakti is an excellent tractor for those who wish to choose orchard farming.

The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI MAHA SHAKTI hp tractor has a horsepower of 39. It's also large enough to handle all of the agricultural implements. The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI MAHA SHAKTI engine has a capacity of 2400 CC and 3 cylinders, with an RPM of 540. This combination is quite appealing to buyers. Furthermore, the tractor's engine is made using high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology to fulfil all farming needs.

The Massey Ferguson 1030 Maha Shakti costs around – 4.50 lakhs to 4.80 lakhs.


4. Swaraj 717

Swaraj 717 compact tractor is cost-effective for small-scale farming. Due to its outstanding production and power in the fields, it is a magnificent Swaraj tractor type that satisfies farmers' wishes and demands. The Swaraj 717 tractor is the most powerful in the 15-horsepower category.

The Swaraj 717 tractor costs approximately 5 lakhs.


5. Mahindra Jivo 225 DI

JIVO 225 DI is Mahindra's model. This vehicle is offered in two different drive systems: two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. It also has a 6-spline power take-off and a specialized engine that generates a lot of torque. This tractor is powered by a 20 HP 2-cylinder engine that spins at 2300 RPM. Fuel Tank Capacity: The fuel tank has a capacity of 22 litres. It creates a Weight, Dimensions, and Lifting Capacity that can be raised to 750 kg. It offers an oil-immersed brake. There are eight forward and four reverse gears. Plus there is either mechanical or power steering available.

The Mahindra Jivo 225 DI costs around 3 lakhs.


6. Powertrac 425 N

The Powertrac 425 N is a centre shift transmission with a single clutch and constant mesh. There is only one type of PTO on this 2WD tractor. This tractor has a 25-horsepower 2-cylinder engine with a 2000 RPM speed. The gasoline tank has a capacity of 50 litres. 

Weight, Dimensions, and Lifting Capacity: This model weighs 1545 kilograms and has a lifting capacity of 1300 kg. It measures 3050 mm in length and 1370 mm in width. It offers multi-plate oil-immersed disc brakes. Its gearbox has eight forward and two reverse gears.

The Powertrac 425 N costs around 3. 3 lakhs.


7. Swaraj 724 XM

Swaraj 724 XM is a tractor by Swaraj tractors, a company that has carved out a niche in the Indian tractor market. Swaraj is a well-known tractor brand among Indian farmers. The Swaraj 724 XM has a longer range, making it suitable for hauling and other agricultural implements.

The Swaraj 724 XM costs around 3. 75 lakhs respectively.


8. Farmtrac Atom 26

Farmtrac small tractor is a very dependable, sturdy, and low-maintenance tractor, making it a very cost-effective tractor for farmers. Purchasing a Farmtrac Atom 26 tractor for less than Rs 5.00 lakhs* is a wise decision for the farmer. This Farmtrac Atom 26 tractor is a 26-horsepower tractor with plenty of PTO power. This Farmtrac tractor is even more responsive because of the power sterling and single clutch. This 26-horsepower Farmtrac tractor has a 9F+3R gearbox and multi-plate oil-immersed disc brakes.

The Farmtrac Atom 26 Costs around 4.80 lakhs to 5.00 lakhs.


9. Escort Josh 335

The Escort tractor model is equipped with a sturdy yet strong engine that ensures excellent field performance. Furthermore, the high fuel efficiency engine provides excellent field mileage. The Escort 335 tractor is powered by a 2-cylinder engine with high PTO horsepower. This Escort tractor is significantly more responsive thanks to its constant-mesh transmission and single friction plate clutch. This Escort tractor type has a 42-liter gasoline tank and a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1000 kg.

The Escort Josh 335 costs around 5 lakhs


10. Kubota A211N – OP

Kubota A211N-OP is one of the most popular Kubota tractors. This Kubota mini tractor is extremely dependable, sturdy, and requires very little maintenance, making it a very cost-effective tractor for farmers. The Kubota A211N-OP tractor has a 21 horsepower engine and a 15.4 horsepower PTO. This Kubota tractor is even more responsive because to the mechanical sterling and dry single-plate clutch. This Farmtrac tractor has an oil-immersed brake system and a 9F+3R transmission.

The Kubota A211N – OP costs around 4.13 lakhs


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