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Best 12 Tractors Under 7 Lakhs in India 2024

Best 12 Tractors Under 7 Lakhs in India 2024

    Best 12 Tractors Under 7 Lakhs in India 2024

24 Aug, 2023

Best and affordable tractors are the most important thing, every farmer looks into when looking to buy a tractor. Therefore, today we have dedicated this blog to listing some of the best and most powerful tractors under 7 lakhs. These tractors are very cost-effective and versatile that can accomplish any agriculture, commercial and haulage needs. Moreover, this under 7 lakhs tractor list covers all the tractors from popular tractor manufacturers such as Swaraj, Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, sonalika, Eicher, john deere, Farmtrac, Powertrac, new holland, and Kubota. We know the importance of tractors in farmers' life and therefore we have tried to provide accurate and useful information about these tractors, that will help the readers and buyers to choose the best options that increase your efficiency and productivity as well.

Furthermore, the tractor price is mainly dependent on the engine hp, and the  PTO hp, as the PTO hp output determines the implements that can be used with the tractor to perform heavy operations. In addition, specific advanced features that come with each tractor also play a key role in determining the price of the tractor. So, we will let you know the features and specifications of each tractor with their capabilities and horsepower to make you compatible with different agriculture applications. You can choose the best tractor under 7 lakhs out of this list that suits your field requirements and helps you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Top 12 Tractors Under 7 Lakhs in India

best tractors under 7 lakhs


1. Swaraj 744 XT

swaraj 744 xt 

Swaraj 744 XT is a 50 hp tractor, which is available at a price of  Rs. 6.90 lakhs* - 7.40 lakhs* in India. This Swaraj tractor under 7 lakhs is one of the best tractors in its category which offers high displacement capacity, maximum torque and better mileage with less fuel consumption. This Swaraj 744 XT can help you fulfil your every agriculture and haulage need with the help of its powerful engine and high-quality features. The tractor is equipped with 3 cylinders and offers a displacement of 3478 cc with 540 r/min with multispeed forward and reverse PTO. swaraj 744 XT also provides many features such as Oil immersed brakes, DCV, hydraulics lift of 1700 kg, dual-clutch, adjustable front axle, and more. The tractor provides 2 years guarantee on the product and helps you accomplish different agriculture tasks with implements such as a laser leveler, MB plough and tipping trailer.


2. Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus 

mahindra 575 di xp plus

Mahindra 575 DI XP PLUS is a 47 hp tractor available at a price of Rs. 6.75 lakhs* - 7.12 lakhs* in India. It is one one of the toughest, most powerful and most reliable tractors under 7 lakhs category. Mahindra 575 di xp plus is widely popular for its haulage capacity, which can help you with many farming applications from pre-harvest to post-harvest. This Mahindra tractor has 4 cylinders with an ELS DI engine and a smooth constant mesh transmission system for better functioning. Further, the tractor is equipped with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears, 1480 kg hydraulics lift, and a dual acting power steeringcapacity that is made to deliver the best combination of performance & power. This 2WD tractor under 7 lakhs also generates 2100 RPM. Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus tractor provides 6 years warranty on the product, offering stress-free working days.


3. Massey Ferguson 241 DI Planetary Plus 

massey ferguson 241 di planetary plus

Massey Ferguson DI planetary Plus is a powerful 42 hp tractor available at a price of  Rs. 6.80 lakhs* - 7.40 lakhs* in India. It is manufactured with cutting-edge technology which consists of 3 cylinders, 2500 cc displacement, and 8 forward and 2 revere gears optional ( 10 F + 2 R). It can fulfil your small to large-scale farming needs more efficiently with its 1700 kgs of hydraulics capacity with a PTO hp of 36. It has several other features such as an inline fuel injection pump, dual-clutch, partial constant mesh transmission, big tyres of sizes 13.6*28, multi-disc oil immersed brakes, manual/power steering, 55 litres of fuel tank capacity and an adjustable front axle with side shift push pedal. This tractor under 7 lakhs will be best for agriculture and commercial needs providing the best combination of power, performance and efficiency.


4. Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander 

sonalika di 745 iii sikander

Sonalika DI 750 III Sikander is an advanced technology 55hp tractor available for a price of Rs. 7.00 lakhs* - 7.45 lakhs* in India 2024. It provides users with smooth field operations through its highly efficient and powerful engine capacity. It is one of the best tractors under 7 lakhs category in terms of features, power output and durability. sonalika Di 745 Sikander is also equipped with4-cylinder, delivers 1900 RPM, and a PTO hp of 46.8 with 6 splines and 540 RPM. This tractor under 7 lakhs has a wet-type air filter and a water-cooled system. Moreover, there are several other features such as partial constant mesh transmission with single/dual-clutch, 8 forward + 2 reverse gearboxes, oil-immersed braking, and Mechanical/Power Steering (optional). The tractor has big tyres for efficient operations in diverse fields 7.50 x16, 6.0 x16/14.9 x28,16.9 x28 size tyres. It has a fuel tank capacity of 65 litres and a hydraulics lift of has a lifting capacity of 2000 kg to lift heavy implements easily.

5. Eicher 380 2WD Prima G3 

eicher 380 2wd prima g3

Eicher 380 2 WD prima G3 is a 40 hp tractor available at a price of Rs. 6.70 lakhs* - 6.80 lakhs* in India. These Prima G3 range tractors are built with the latest technology that offers the tractors various deluxe and modern features such as a distinct aerodynamic hood, with its one-touch front-open, single-piece bonnet features, Bold grille with high-intensity 3D cooling technology, wrap-around headlamps, Digi NXT Dashboard. it also includes a sporty steering wheel, High Torque - Fuel Save liquid-cooled engine, CombiTorq Transmission, multispeed PTO, etc. It comes with 3 cylinders and 2500 cc displacement. This tractor has  8 forward + 2 reverse gears, 13.6*28 rear big tyres, 30.80 kmph forward speed, 1650 kgs of hydraulics lift, multi-disc OIB, power steering, 57 litres of fuel tank capacity, etc. Eicher 380 prima G3 can accomplish your each farming and commercial activities more efficiently with its advanced features, power and unmatched efficiency.


6. John Deere 5105 

john deere 5105

John Deere 5105 is a 40 hp 4 WD tractor which is available at a price of  Rs. 6.55 lakhs* - 7.10 lakhs* in 2024. This is one of the latest and most powerful, reliable and durable tractors under 7 lakhs manufactured to increase your productivity at a faster rate. It has several advanced features that fulfil your agricultural requirements more efficiently. It is designed to perform heavy-duty applications that perform flawlessly on both dry and wet agricultural fields. 3 cylinders, hydrostatic power steering, hydraulics lift of 1600 kg, 60 ltr fuel tank capacity, 2900 cc displacement and generates 2100 RPM. Moreover, John Deere 5105 has regular and high lug depth tyres, selective control valve,  high engine torque, piston spray jet system with pressure lubrication system, dry type air filter, Oil immersed disc brakes, economical and durable dual-clutch and many more modern features. John Deere 5105 is the most affordable tractor with quality features that empowers the tractor with versatility, power and durability.

best tractors under 7 lakhs in india


7. Powertrac 439 Plus

powertrac 439 plus

Powertrac 439 Plus is a powerful 45 hp tractor available at a price of Rs 6. 80 lakhs* - 7.00 lakhs* in 2024. This tractor under 7 lakhs category is equipped with special diesel-saver technology to provide unmatched power and performance while reducing fuel consumption. Powertrac 439 has many other features such as Sensi 1 lift of 1600 kg, bumper and tow hook, and dual benefits on implements through which you can execute your field operations more efficiently ensuring more speed and productivity. Powertrac 439 Plus provides 5 years warranty. Furthermore, it provides a 3-cylinder engine,  2490 cc displacement capacity and 2200 RPM, etc. the tractor is suitable with many bigger implements like 6 feet rotavator, 9 tyne cultivator, trolleys, 2 MB plough, etc.


8. New Holland 3600 TX Super Heritage Edition 

new holland 3600 tx super heritage edition

New Holland 3600 TX Super Heritage Edition is a reliable 47 hp tractor available at a price of Rs. 6.95 lakhs* - 7.59 lakhs* in 2024. New Holland 3600 is equipped with FPT 47 hp Inline Engine that makes your operation high performing and productive. It has a high power output to overcome any obstacles and make your tasks more seamless. It has several other features to improve your efficiency such as 8F+2R and 8F+8R, Gearbox of 540,540E, GSPTO & RPTO, Straight Axle, Planetary Drive and a hydraulics lift of 1800 Kg. moreover, the tractor has 3 cylinders, 2932 cc displacement, 2100 RPM, single and double clutch, mechanically actuated real OIB, 46 litres fuel tank, etc. In addition, the tractor also has paddy suitability, double metal face sealing, skywatch, ROPS and canopy as well as an MHD axle.

9. Farmtrac Champion 39 

farmtrac champion 39

Farmtrac Champion 39 is a 41 hp tractor available at a price of  Rs. 6.10 lakhs* - 6.30 lakhs* in 2024. This farmtrac tractor is compatible to work on fields as well as roads. This tractor under 7 lakhs category is amongst the best as it is equipped with diesel saver technology, an efficient engine and powerful hydraulics of 1800 kg. Moreover, the tractor also provides a 2340 cc engine, Power Steering, 3 cylinders, 22000 RPM, coolant-cooled engine, 8 forward + 2 reverse gears, 33.3 kmph forward speed and big tyres. It has many other advanced features such as LED headlamps and fender lamps, a front bumper, tow hooks, deluxe seats, a digital instrument cluster, a fender rail, DCV with couplers, a deluxe battery box, a transport lock, and stiffener plate. Farmtrac Champion 39 provides 5 years warranty and 500 hours of service interval.


10. Solis 4215 E

solis 4215 e

Solis 4215 E is an 43 hp tractor available at a price of Rs. 6.65 lakhs* - 7.10 lakhs* in 2024. It is one of the best tractors of Solis among its other same-category tractors. Solis 4215 E is a cost-effective and efficient tractor for your small to medium-farm requirements. In addition to this, Solis 4215 E is eco-friendly and eliminates heat transfer from the engine, works with less noise and less vibration making it easy and convenient to use. It includes features like an 1800-2000 kg Hydraulics Lift, a Fuel tank capacity of 55 Litres, 10 forward + 5 reverse gears, oil-immersed brakes and a mechanical steering option.


11. Vst Viraaj XT 9045 DI

vst viraaj xt 9045 di

Vst Viraaj XT 9045 DI is an advanced technology 45 hp tractor available at a price of Rs. 6.90 lakhs* - 7.20 lakhs* in 2024. This tractor under 7 lakhs is amongst the most advanced technology tractor from VST Tillers Tractors which is loaded with new features and technologies to make your productivity reach new heights. It has several features such as power steering, a 1800 kg hydraulics lift, 3 cylinders Four Stroke DI engine, better mileage, high PTO power, parallel cooling, maximum torque, etc. The tractor also offers improved functions such as comfortable seating, multiple gear options, Sliding Mesh transmission, and more. The tractor also supports many different farming applications to make you flexible with different kinds of work operations. In addition, it provides 2000 RPM, 8 forward + 2 reverse gears, 42 PTO hp, and 32.38 kmph forward speed.


12. Kubota L3408 4x4

kubota l3408 4x4

Kubota L3408  4x4 is a 35 hp advanced technology tractor available at a price of Rs. 6.90 lakhs* - 6.96 lakhs* in 2024. This 4-wd Kubota tractor is a puddling master designed especially for performing the toughest rice-paddy and sprayer tasks. It offers many features and specifications such as 1647 cc displacement, 1380 kgs of hydraulics lift, integral power steering, bevel gear 4 WD, powerful DI diesel engine, full open bonnet hood and slide-out grill, shuttle transmission, ECO - PTO, etc. the tractor is equipped with 3 cylinders, 2700 RPM, 8 forward + 4 reverse gears, 34 litres fuel tank, wet disc type brakes and more. This tractor under 7 lakhs is a budget-friendly tractor for your small to medium farming needs.

Best 12 Tractors Under 7 Lakhs Price List in 2024

Tractor Model HP Price
Swaraj 744 XT  50 hp  Rs. 6.90 lakhs* - 7.40 lakhs*
Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus  47 hp Rs. 6.75 lakhs* - 7.12 lakhs*
Massey Ferguson 241 DI Planetary Plus  42 hp  Rs. 6.80 lakhs* - 7.40 lakhs*
Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander  55 hp Rs. 7.00 lakhs* - 7.45 lakhs*
Eicher 380 2WD Prima G3  40 hp  Rs. 6.70 lakhs* - 6.80 lakhs*
John Deere 5105  40 hp  Rs. 6.55 lakhs* - 7.10 lakhs* 
Powertrac 439 Plus 45 hp  Rs. 6.75 lakhs* - 6.85 lakhs*
 New Holland 3600 TX Super Heritage Edition  47 hp Rs. 6.95 lakhs* - 7.59 lakhs*
Farmtrac Champion 39  41 hp  Rs. 6.10 lakhs* - 6.30 lakhs*
Solis 4215 E  43 hp  Rs. 6.65 lakhs* - 7.10 lakhs* 
Vst Viraaj XT 9045 DI 45 hp Rs. 6.90 lakhs* - 7.20 lakhs*
Kubota L3408 4x4 35 hp  Rs. 6.90 lakhs* - 6.96 lakhs*

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Recently Asked Question about Best 12 Tractors Under 7 Lakhs in India 2024

Which are the top tractors under 7 lakhs in India?

Some of the top tractors under 7 lakhs in India are, Swaraj 744 XT, Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus, Massey Ferguson 241 DI Planetary Plus and Sonalika DI 750 III Sikander

Which are the latest tractors under 7 lakhs in India?

The latest tractors under 7 lakhs in India are Powertrac 439 Plus and Eicher 380 2WD Prima G3.

Which tractor is best for me under 7 lakhs?

Here are the top 3 tractors Under 7 lakhs:

  • Swaraj 744 XT 

  • Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus 

  • Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander 

Which is the most popular sonalika tractor under 7 lakhs in India?

The popular sonalika tractor in india under 7 lakhs is Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander.

Where can I find best tractors under 7 lakhs in India 2024?

At TractorGyan, you can find more information about the best tractors under 7 lakhs in India 2024.

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