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  • John deere 5105
 tractor brand


tractor hp



tractor Cooling System

Cooling System

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 tractor Wheel Base

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1970 MM

 tractor Lifting Capacity

Lifting Capacity

1600 Kg

tractor Cylinder

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John Deere 5105 comes from the tractor manufacturing firm John Deere. John Deere 5105 is a 40 HP tractor with 34 HP Pto, 2100 rpm, Displacement CC is 2900 CC, 8 Forward + 4 Reverse Gearbox, and more such powerful specifications. John Deere 5105 Price starts from Rs. 6.50 Lakh* to 7.20 Lakh* in India 2024 making this tractor one of the most loved and top-selling tractors.

John Deere tractor 5105 has a fuel-efficient engine that is compatible and robust in all kinds of use. It is not the typical tractor it comes with a record-breaking design. That catches everyone's attention and provides amazing performance on all surfaces.

Searching for a new tractor that is as famous as 5105 John Deere can be tiresome and sometimes confusing. But with the Tractor Gyan, you will get all the information related to the John Deere 5105 ex-showroom price in a few clicks.

What is the John Deere 5105 Price in India?

The John Deere 5105 on road price is Rs. 6.50 Lakh* to 7.20 Lakh* in India. This John Deere 5105 2wd price range is perfect because farmers from all economic sectors can afford it.

The John Deere tractor 5105 price in India is set in the most economical way possible. Tractors are a product of necessity which is why the makers of this tractor decided that the John Deere 5105 2WD Price has to be afforded by all. which is why the John Deere tractor 5105 price in India is affordable and efficient.

To get the exact and authentic John Deere 5105 price (ex-showroom price) in India in 2024 visit Tractor Gyan. we have the best John Deere 5105 on-road prices because the tractor market keeps fluctuating. Hence, it is crucial to stay updated about the 5105 John Deere price in India.

John Deere 5105 Tractor Features

The John Deere 5105 possesses some of the greatest features that any tractor could have.

  • Powerful Engine: The John Deere 5105 hp is 40 which adds up to the features making it more powerful to give an amazing performance.
  • Stylish Design: The design of this tractor is rather stylish and unique which will enhance the beauty of your farm. It comes with stylish headlamps and a stylish decal design.
  • Tough body: John Deere 5105 is built with heavy-duty metal that makes this tractor strong and durable.
  • Brake System: This tractor has an immersed brake system that enables the tractor to apply sudden brakes with minimum shocks, preventing any accidents from happening.
  • Steering: It has Power Steering, which provides easy and precise control and more comfort. that in turn enables working on the field for a longer period of time without any inconvenience.
  • Fuel Tank: The John Deere 5105 fuel tank capacity is 60 Lit, so work can be carried out on the field without any delay.
  • Clutch Type: It has a Single/ Dual Clutch which helps in transmitting power from the engine to the wheels or other equipment.
  • Air filter: John Deere 5105 has a Dry Type Dual Element air filter Ideal for tractors to ensure clean and efficient airflow. 
  • Gearbox: It has 8 forward and 4 reverse gears with a maximum forward speed of 31.70 Kmph and a maximum reverse reverse speed of 13.52 Kmph.
  • Hydraulics capacity: John Deere tractor 5105 has a maximum hydraulics lifting capacity of 1600 kg to lift heavy loads with ease. Also, it has a 3-point linkage of category II with automatic depth and draft control.
  • Power Take Off: The power take-off of John Deere 5105 tractor consists of an independent type, 6 splines, and offers a speed of 540.
  • Wheels and Tyres: John Deere Tractor 5105 has a front tyres size of 6.0*16 and a rear tyres size is 13.6*28.
  • Accessories: John Deere 5015 model comes with accessories like ballast weights, canopy, canopy holder, Drawbar, tow hook, wagon hitch, etc. Plus, the tractor has a deluxe seat and seat belt. And contains a dual-clutch.

Benefits of Buying John Deere 5105 Tractor in India

  • The high engine torque feature in John Deere 5105 improves the tractor lugging ability. It also eliminates the need to change the gears frequently as well as allows the tractor to run at the lowest possible engine rpm (ERPM) with a higher gear selection
  • The piston spray jet system in 5105 John Deere provides optimum engine operating temperature, which enhances the life of engine parts and reduces maintenance costs. 
  • The dry-type air filter with dual filter elements provides clean air to the engine enhancing engine life as well, as an air restriction indicator that alerts the operator when the air filter is clogged. 
  • Hydrostatic/power steering offers smooth steering operation eliminating reverse jerks on the steering wheel and offers effortless steering operations. It also improves maneuverability. 
  • The oil-immersed wet-disc brakes in John Deere tractors easily dissipate the heat generated during braking and increase the braking efficiency of the tractor for longer brake life.
  • The dual-clutch feature in John Deere provides independent PTO operation and offers better traction.
  • MQRL system in John Deere 5105 provides a superior operator experience and maximizes productivity by reducing turning time, also it improves user comfort by eliminating the need for frequent PC and DC operation.

Locate John Deere 5105 Tractor Dealer Near You in India

With Tractorgyan it is super easy to locate John Deere 5105 Dealers. A tractor dealer not only helps you to get the tractor but also helps you to get the best John Deere 5105 on-road prices.

John Deere 5105 Tractor Warranty

John Deere 5105 comes with a 5000-hour or 5-year warranty, which makes buying this tractor an amazing investment. With this warranty, one can perform tasks without any worry. 

John Deere 5105 Tractor Performance and Fuel Efficiency

There is no doubt that the John Deere 5105 mileage and fuel efficiency is the best in class. From the above-mentioned features and specifications, it would not be wrong to say that the 5105 John Deere HP will give the best performance.

Customer Reviews of John deere 5105 Tractors

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John deere

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John deere 5105

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John Deere 5105

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John deere 5105

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John Deere 5105 hp aur average bhut acha hai iss John Deere tektar ko badi seat ki vjh se aaram se beth kr chla skate hai

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ye john deere tractor new model bhetareen hai aur john deere 5105 hp range chote khet ke liye badiya hai.

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NICE tractor

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Nice tractor

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Accha tarctor hai ye iske sab feecher acche hai mujhe bohut madadd ho jati hai iske use se sab injan bhi accha hain aur break bhi badhiya hain bohut badhiya taractor hai

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iss tractor ka engine bhut hi acha h bhut aram se start hojata h ye tractor ko chlana bhi bda asan h, bs seat thodi kharab h bki sb to bhut ache se kaam krta h keemat bhi bhut zyada nhi h

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Recently Asked Question About John deere 5105 Tractor:

What is the John deere 5105 price In India?

John deere 5105 Price is Rs. 6.50 - 7.20 Lakh* in India.

What is the John deere 5105 HP Category?

John deere 5105 is a 40 HP tractor.

What is the John deere 5105 PTO HP?

John deere 5105 PTO HP is 34.

What is the John deere 5105 lifting capacity?

John deere 5105 lifting capacity is 1600 Kg.

What is the type of John deere 5105 steering?

John deere 5105 has Power Steering.

How long is the John deere 5105 warranty?

John deere 5105 Comes With 5000 Hour or 5 Year warranty.

Where can i find John deere 5105 dealer near me?

At tractorgyan, You can find John deere 5105 dealers near you.

Which types of brakes used in John deere 5105 tractor?

John deere 5105 tractor has Oil Immersed Brakes.

What is the number of gears in John deere 5105?

John deere 5105 has 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gears.

What is the John deere 5105 transmission type?

John deere 5105 has Collarshift transmition.

What is the number of engine cylinder in John deere 5105?

John deere 5105 has 3 cylinder engine.

What is the John deere 5105 RPM?

John deere 5105 generate 2100 Engine RPM.

What is the John deere 5105 displacement CC?

John deere 5105 Displacement CC is 2900 CC.

What is the John deere 5105 tractor Clutch Type?

John deere 5105 has Single/ Dual.

What is the John deere 5105 fuel tank capacity?

John deere 5105 fuel tank capacity is 60 Lit.

Which are the best selling tractor models of John Deere tractors?

John Deere 5050D, John Deere 5045D, John Deere 5105, John Deere 5036D, and John Deere 3028 EN are the most popular John Deere tractor models.

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