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    Top 10 thresher machine in India | Tractorgyan

14 Jul, 2022

‘Threshing’ is an important agricultural tool or farming implement. The principal farm equipment known as a thresher is used to thresh grains and separate seeds from husks and straws. Other crops including wheat, maize, beans, soybeans, etc. are also threshed with it.  

This tractor thresher machine has several exceptional and cutting-edge characteristics that make it easier for farmers to undertake farming techniques. It is a labor-intensive machine that speeds up and simplifies the threshing process while also reducing labor costs.

The most crucial aspect of farm mechanization is threshers. All the farmers' work and the crop's inputs are wasted if threshing is delayed. Traditional animal threshing is an extremely slow process. It produces little. Low productivity results in high operating costs and significant grain loss due to rodents, birds, insects, wind, untimely rain, and fire threats. Threshers of wheat successfully navigate these challenges to a large extent.


The following are the functions of the thresher. 

1. To provide the threshing cylinder with the harvest. 

2. To remove the grain's head during threshing. 

3. To distinguish grain from the straw. 

4. To make the grain clean. 

5. To bag up the grain. 

6. To create chaff (bhusa) fit for animal feeding.


Types of power thresher

1. Hammer mill type 

Hammer mill type thresher is a type of thresher which is enclosed in a cylinder casing with a concave unit having threshers for the separation of grain and cleaning.


2. Rasp bar cylinder type

The rasp bar cylinder thresher is a type of thresher with has separated bars with a wide and open concave threshing unit.


3. Spike tooth cylinder

The spike tooth cylinder thresher possesses a drum filled with rows of spikes enclosed in a cylinder casing.


4. Syndicator type

It is a thresher with a concave threshing unit, a corrugated flywheel with serrated chopping knives, and a closed cylinder casing. Chaff-cutter thresher is another name for this kind of thresher.


To make the process of choosing a thresher machine here is the list of 10 best threshers machine used in India.

1. Dashmesh 423 – maize thresher

The Dashmesh 423 – maize thresher is an excelled thresher offering a capacity of 4000 to 6000 kg/per hour with an inbuilt tire of 6.00 x 16.00 with a drum size of 690 MM x 1600MM.

The post-harvest maize thresher is within the post-harvest category and has a least 35 hp implement power. The machine is strong and has a high level of working capacity, increasing output and yield. Farmers claim that the cost of a maize thresher is affordable and fair.


2. Dashmesh 641 paddy thresher

Dasmesh 641 is a Paddy thresher with a minimum HP of 35 HP that belongs to the post-harvesting category. It uses 2 liters of fuel per tonne and produces 1.0 to 1.5 metric tonnes of total output per hour. This Dasmesh 641 paddy thresher machine is tough and reliable, ensuring high farm productivity. It does, however, have several unique qualities that make it more difficult. The Dasmesh thresher pricing, on the other hand, is acceptable in terms of the farmers' budget.


3. Land force Maize Thresher

The corn threshing procedure since it gives the machine operator a wonderful working environment. The device is well-represented in the post-harvest sector. To provide the highest power during the threshing operation, the Land force manufactures the maize thresher using the most cutting-edge technology.


4. Landforce Harambha Thresher

The Landforce Harambha thresher has two to three razor-sharp cutting blades with spiked tooth cylinders that make up the threshing unit. The threshing unit has two aspirator blowers attached, which separate the seed from minute fragments of crop debris. Additionally, it has a single hitch system, a pneumatic transport wheel, and an elevator or berm for loading seeds onto the trolley. There is a load wheel included as well.


5. Ks Group Thresher

The Ks Group Thresher offers a tractor-mounted, PTO-driven paddy thresher that needs a 45 HP tractor type to be attached. The fact that the speed may be adjusted gives the farmers the ability to work efficiently. Additionally, any marginal farmer may readily afford the Ks group thresher pricing due to its affordability.


6. Mahindra M55

The Mahindra M55 is for rice fields, the Mahindra M55, also known as a paddy thresher, is ideal. It is a semi-cylindrical, four-bladed centrifugal fan that falls within the harvesting category. It requires the use of a tractor type that is suitable with its 35–55 HP implement power. The Mahindra M55 is a fantastic kind of thresher that has the best features and yields excellent results. On the other hand, the cost of the Mahindra M55 paddy thresher machine depends on the farmer's budget.


7. Landforce Multicrop Thresher

The Landforce Multi Crop Thresher is designed for medium and large holding farmers as well as for bespoke hiring and is mostly used for shelling wheat, sorghum, Mustard, soybean, millets, etc. It is effective at thoroughly threshing wheat and producing high-quality straw.


The machine stands out for its small size, sophisticated design, and high caliber. Additionally, it resists acid, rust, and moisture. To separate and clean the 

The machine's advantages of a high removal rate and low breakage would shorten harvesting time while reducing labor costs. The machine weighs around 1530 kg while having three cutting blades and a load wheel of 150 kg respectively.


8. Mahindra thresher

The revolutionary and cutting-edge technology of the Mahindra thresher allows for productive work. The device is a PTO-powered tractor attachment that removes the husk from the grains. Operations can be made simple by adjusting the skid height of the machine. The device is easy to use and can be quickly moved to any field-threshing location. The Mahindra thresher operates easily and simply with low operating expenses. Compared to the traditional threshing procedure, it is cleaner. It is a PTO-driven tractor application that assists in separating the grains from the husk. superior cleaning power compared to the old-fashioned threshing method. 


9. Landforce Paddy Thresher

The Landforce paddy thresher is perfect for wetlands or paddy that produce useful results. Its blower, which has a fixed speed, is included with its bar-style threshing drum. It is a tractor-mounted, extremely powerful threshing machine with an implemented power range of 35 to 55 HP. The pricing of this Landforce thresher is reasonable given its outstanding qualities.


10. Swaraj P Multicrop Thresher

The Swaraj P Multicrop Thresher Provides a tractor engine of 40 Hp with a rasp bar type which has a length of 4020mm, a working width of 2240mm, and an engine with a 40 HP rating. Additionally, the thresher machine has a cleaning system that oscillates in three stages to keep it clean. offers efficient fieldwork, which makes Swaraj P-550 Multicrop ideal for farming. It belongs to the category of threshers. It also includes Implement Power, which offers work that uses less fuel. It is a tool made by the Swaraj brand house, which is renowned for its excellent quality niches.


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