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Tractor Loan/Finance/Refinance - Kotak Mahindra Bank

होम | ट्रैक्टर लोन / फाइनेंस / पुनः फाइनेंस| Kotak Mahindra Bank
kotak mahindra bank




We offer finance for purchase of new and old tractors, harvesters and implements for agricultural / commercial purpose. We are the preferred financier of key manufacturers.

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  • Loan for Purchase of New Tractor / Old Tractor, Implements etc.
  • Loans for Captive Usage for existing Customers
  • Nation-wide presence
  • Avail Life Insurance Shield – Kotak Kisan Suraksha
  • Excellent after sale service
  • Attractive rates of interest
  • Loans up 90% of tractor value
  • Personalised service at all branches



  • Minimum 3 acres of land in the name of borrower
  • Residential stability of 2 years
  • 2 years business experience if applicable



Pre Sanction Documents:

  • Identity proof- Voter ID card/PAN card/Passport/ Aadhaar card,/Driving License etc
  • Address proof: Voter ID card/Passport/Aadhaar card/Driving license etc
  • Agricultural Land Proof – if available
  • Proof of Signature verification


Pre Disbursement Documents:

  • Fully executed loan documents
  • Original Invoice of the tractor purchased from the dealer
  • Margin Money Receipt received from dealer
  • Insurance pledged to Kotak Mahindra Bank




  • Interest Rate Range for Tractor Loan:
  • Max: 26%
  • Min: Prevailing MCLR Or Reference Rate


  • Loan Processing Charges:
  • Upto 3% of Loan amount


  • Documentation Charges:
  • UptoRs. 5000


  • Stamping Charges:
  • At Actuals


  • Credit Administration Charges:
  • UptoRs. 6000/-


  • Credit Appraisal Charges:
  • Nil


  • Commitment Charges:
  • Nil


  • Overdue Interest:
  • Upto 3% of overdue amount, compounded monthly


  • Collection Charges:
  • 30% of penal and cheque bouncing charges


  • Dishonour Charges Per Instance:
  • Rs. 750.00


  • Swap Charges( Replacement of PDCs):
  • UptoRs. 500 per Swap per Instance


  • Prepayment Interest / Forclosure Charges:
  • 5% of Principal Outstanding as per reducing balance method


  • Duplicate Issue of NOC:
  • Rs. 500/-


  • Solvency Certificate:
  • Nil


  • No Due Certificate:
  • Nil


  • Charges for furnishing a copy of the credit information report (CIBIL) to the applicant:
  • Rs. 50/-


  • Charges applicable in case customer requests for copies of records pertaining to his transactions ( SOA / Amortization Schedule):
  • Rs. 500/- (Once yearly without any charge. Post that 500 per request.)


  • APAC Reschedulement:
  • Nil


  • Part Foreclosure Charge:
  • Nil


  • Payment Processing Charge:
  • Not Applicable


  • Valuation Charges for Used/RF Vehicles:
  • Within city - Rs. 1000/-
  • Outside city - Rs. 1500/-


  • Repossession Charges:
  • UptoRs. 15,000/-


  • Credit Adminstration Charges:
  • UptoRs. 6,000/-


  • Duplicate Foreclosure Statement Charges:
  • Rs. 500/-


  • NOC for National Permit:
  • Not Applicable


  • NOC for State Permit:
  • Not Applicable


  • NOC for Change in Body Type:
  • Not Applicable


  • Rebooking of Loans (due to change in borrowing structure, change of property / Asset / Collateral etc.):
  • Rs. 2,500/-


  • Change in Installment Due Date:
  • Rs. 1,000/-


  • Change in Property / Asset / Collateral:
  • Not Applicable


  • Copy of Any Property/Loan Document:
  • Not Applicable


  • Asset Verification Charges - Immovable Assets:
  • Not Applicable


  • Legal / Incidental Charges*:
  • At Actuals


  • NOC to Convert From Private to Commercial Registration:
  • NRH


  • NOC to Convert From Commercial to Private Registration:
  • NRH


  • Re-issuance of Pay Order:
  • Nil


  • Non Compliance with Sanction Terms and Conditions:
  • Nil


  • End-use Certificate Delays:
  • Nil


  • Net Worth Statements Delays:
  • Nil


*Taxes as applicable


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