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  • Swaraj  855 Fe Tractor Price in India. Visit us for Tractor Finance, insurance, dealer, features and specification many more|  Compare Old Used Tractor | TractorGyan
  • Swaraj  855 Fe Tractor Price in India. Visit us for Tractor Finance, insurance, dealer, features and specification many more|  Compare Old Used Tractor | TractorGyan




855 FE



Cooling System

Water Cooled with No loss tank

Wheel Base

2050 MM

Lifting Capacity

1500 kg

Engine Cylinder


Swaraj 855 FE is a 50-55 HP category tractor which brings in enormous power and longer operations. The 855 FE also has a water-cooled three-cylinder engine that provides better performance even in difficult conditions. This tractor is truly made for Indian fields, where farmers have a proclivity to grow more. The swaraj tractor is the ideal partner for a farmer. Along with this, the 855 FE has a number of features that help it perform even better. Direction control valve, multi-speed forward and reverse PTO, power steering, and dual-clutch are just a few of the features that make this tractor a true specimen for Indian agriculture.

Swaraj 855 is a tractor that is in high demand in Indian markets, and it has earned an irreplaceable place in the hearts of customers thanks to its consistent performance. Swaraj Tractors is known for making tractors that are ideal for Indian farmers. All farmers and other operators in India can easily afford Swaraj Tractors. Swaraj 855 also has a fuel tank capacity of 60 litres. This tractor is available in two versions: Swaraj 855 5 Star and Swaraj 855 4 Star. Both are extremely popular in India. These two are made up of various types of innovative features that have proven to be beneficial to farmers. Both variants have a distinct identity and appearance that will appeal to Indian farmers.

Swaraj 855 FE is a 3-cylinder water-cooled tractor with a power range of 37.28 to 41.01 kW (50-55 hp). This tractor is designed for tough field operations and hard soil operations and is an iconic tractor that delivers pure power. It has a number of features, including a direction control valve, a multi-speed forward and reverses PTO, power steering, and a dual-clutch. MB plough, straw making machine, rotavator, Genset compressor, and combine harvester operations are all possible with it.

The Swaraj 855 FE tractor is powered by a 3-cylinder 3307 cc engine with a 52 HP influence output and a rated RPM of 2000 RPM. Even under heavy load or for longer periods of time, the water-cooled cooling system keeps the engine cool. For field and hard soil operations, the Swaraj 855 FE is equipped with Swaraj's iconic robust design. This tractor has a 3-stage oil bath type air filter for smooth operations and a clean air supply. 

Swaraj 855 FE has excellent mileage in Indian fields and is available in 2WD with front tyres of 6.00x16 and rear tyres of 14.9x28. The PTO hp of the Swaraj 855 FE is 42.9 hp. Tools, bumper, ballast weight, top link, canopy, drawbar, and hitch are among the Swaraj 855 FE's accessories. It also has additional features for the driver's comfort, such as high fuel efficiency, adjustable seat, steering lock, and mobile charger.

Swaraj 855 FE Tractor's Feature in 2021 

  • Swaraj 855 FE hp is 52 hp with three cylinders and a rated RPM of 2000.
  • Swaraj 855 FE has a 3307 cc engine.
  • The steering type on the Swaraj 855 FE is Manual/Power Steering (optional).
  • Swaraj 855 FE has 8 forward + 2 reverse constant mesh gearboxes with a forward speed of 30.9 kmph and a reverse speed of 15.1 kmph.
  • It also has dry disc brakes and manual/power steering with a single drop arm steering type as an option.
  • It also has a 3307 cc water-cooled engine with 3 cylinders that produces 2000 engine rated RPM.
  • This tractor also has larger tyres for better grip and less slippage in transport and field operations, as well as the option of power-assisted steering.
  • The front tyres on the Swaraj 855 FE are 6 X 16 / 7.5 X 16 / 9.5 X 16 and the rear tyres are 13.6 X 28 / 14.9 X 28 / 16.9 X 28.
  • Swaraj 855 FE has a dual-clutch and adjustable front axle for increased output and intercultural compatibility.
  • Swaraj 855 FE is also available as a single dry disc Friction Plate with a diameter of 3055 mm.

Swaraj 855 FE Tractor's Price in 2021 - Daam me Rahat

Swaraj 855 Fe Tractor on-road price is between Rs. 7.10 and Rs. 7.40 lakh (Approx). For Indian farmers, the Tractor Swaraj 855 is cost-effective and reasonable.

The above data has been given to you by the Tractorgyan for the most extreme advantage of our farmers.

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Review By:      24-07-2021


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Review By: Niraj     02-04-2021


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Good tractor

Review By:      10-02-2021


Very good

Review By: Rakesh     05-09-2020


Review By: Rajendra     19-08-2020


ye tractor bhut hi powerful hain humare khet ki shaan h ye tractor threser aur harvester ke sath bhi koi pareshani nhi deta ye tractor aur isko chlate smy bhi koi pareshani nhi hoti eek dum excellent tractor hain

Review By: Deepak     18-07-2020


ये बहुत ही अच्छा है ट्रैक्टर। हमने 4 साल पहले लिया था उसके पहले भी हमारे पास स्वराज ट्रैक्टर ही था। इसे चलाना में बहुत बढ़िया है, बहुत अच्छी आवाज़ देता है।

Review By: Vinamra     14-07-2020


Review By: Chandan     28-06-2020


Review By: Chandan     28-06-2020



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Recently Asked Question About Swaraj 855 FE Tractor:

Yes, You can buy Swaraj 855 FE tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.
Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.
Lifting capacity of this tractor is 1500 kg.
Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is NA liters
Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.
You can visit tractorgyan news & blog section to get latest updates of the tractor industry.
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