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Gill Agriculture Works owns the brand BAKHSISH. The company has a well-equipped manufacturing facility as well as all other manufacturing facilities, and it produces all of its products under one roof. To ensure quality, the organisation uses the most up-to-date quality testing equipment. Before manufacture, the raw material is obtained in bulk from reputable sources and thoroughly inspected.

After more than ten years of experience in combined harvester repair, the company began production in 1998. S. Gurcharan Singh Gill, the company's founder, had the vision to create a facility that would produce world-class agricultural and technical products at a low price. BAKHSISH 930 – Self Propelled Combine Harvester, BAKHSISH 730 – Tractor Driven Combine Harvester, BAKHSISH Rotavator (Rotary Tiller), BAKHSISH Rotavator with Seed Drill (Rotary Tiller with Seed Drill on its Top), and BAKHSISH Rotary Reverse Boring Machine are among GILL Agriculture Works' products.

Gill Agriculture Works (Regd.) was founded in 1998 and has grown to become one of the top manufacturers of various agricultural implements. It is a source of great satisfaction for us to have completed over 13 years of serving the requirements of Indian farmers. The farming community knows its "BAKHSISH" brand agricultural implements and engineering goods for their reliable performance, high quality, and rapid service. With over two decades of experience, we are always one step ahead of the competition in terms of accuracy and precision. All of our goods are made with cutting-edge technology and are guaranteed to meet Quality Marking standards.

What are the USP of BAKSHISH Tractor Implement?

·         Bakshish tractor implements from GILL Agriculture Works (Regd.) has a team of devoted and experienced specialists who assist us in the development of high-quality Agriculture Implements.

·         Bakshish tractor implements from Gill Agriculture Works (Regd.) offers a fully integrated and cutting-edge assembly facility for producing world-class agricultural implements. Agriculture items may now be manufactured thanks to several productivity advancements in assembly lines throughout the years.

·         Bakshish manufactures implements that are ideally matched to the product they are tied to, allowing farmers to work more successfully and efficiently.

·         Bakshish equipment helps to remove dead thatch and promote vegetation, as well as root aeration and airflow, which allows the soil to breathe.

·         Bakshish tractor implements are of excellent quality, as they are constructed from the highest grade materials. Users can find a variety of types and sizes of field and agricultural devices on the market. Bakshish tractor implements, on the other hand, are the most reliable and trustworthy agricultural implements supplier.

Effective and Efficient Tractor Implements from Bakshish

BAKHSISH Rotavator: The best agricultural implement is the BAKHSISH Rotavator. This tool is the most professional and complex in terms of its use and structure. This tractor implement has a power of 40-60 HP. This tool in Indian tractors is the most efficient and decreases the farmers' workload by a significant amount. 

BAKHSISH STRAW REAPER: The BAKHSISH STRAW REAPER is a chopper that cuts, threshes, and cleans straw all in one step. An oscillating blade cuts the wheat stalks left after combined harvest, while a revolving reel drives them back into the auger. The auger and guiding drum transport the stalks into the machine, where they are sliced into small pieces against concave by the threshing cylinder.

BAKHSISH Harvester: The BAKHSISH harvester is the most versatile piece of farming equipment and is essential to the harvesting process. The lifting capacity of the harvester is 9300 kg. The harvester is self propelled and used for multi cropping. The bakshish HARVESTER starts from Rs 15000 INR. 

Harvest season is one of the most important times of year for farmers who grow grain crops on their farms, as the quality of harvesting affects the success of all their hard work.

What is the price of BAKHSISH Tractor implements?

These instruments are low-cost and high-performance, providing exceptional value for money. This tractor implement brand's costs are quite low and readily fit into any farmer's budget. Bakshish Tractor implements are priced starting at Rs.10,000*. Bakshish is a well-known name for improving these tools' versions with sophisticated technology and customised ways, allowing farmers to use them more efficiently at all times. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular brands among farmers.

Where to get information aboutBakshish Tractor implements in India?

Agricultural implements and engineering goods under the "BAKHSISH" brand are well-known in the farming community for their reliable performance, high quality, and rapid service. Their nearly two decades of experience puts them ahead of the competition in terms of accuracy and precision. All of their items are made with cutting-edge technology and are guaranteed to meet Quality Marking standards. Please visit our website Tractor Gyan to learn more about their technology and products. Where you may discover a description of each product as well as some background information. Tractor Gyan will assist with not only information, but also prices, specifications, and thorough characteristics of all items. Our website is completely equipped with all facts that will assist farmers in deciding whether or not to purchase a product. Visiting our website is unquestionably worthwhile because it will provide you with all of the information you require to purchase agricultural implements or products

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