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We, as a people, are often driven by the notion that good looking and trendy stuff to be having the best quality. While this may hold true in some contexts, it is found to be in contrast to the popular belief most of the times.

In reality, coolness is not counted by the number of followers on any social media platform, but it is something that we look up to in times of need or distress. Something on which the whole nation can rely on. Here, we are talking about a thing on which more than 50% of the population relies (as per the agriculture ministry report). Yes! It is nothing but agriculture. Realizing its importance, even the World Bank, of late, has started considering agriculture a potent prime moving force for any economy.

This is exactly where the role of TractorGyan comes in. Born with the vision of making farming look attractive and showcasing its true potential not only to the people who are engaged in it but also to the whole populace at large.

We know. The troubles the farmers of our country face in getting the right vehicle for the farms. We know. The issue of financing often comes up in times of drought or floods. We know. How, with the lack of awareness, our farmers are not able to access the best machinery in terms of Tractors and implements. And it hurts! When the very foundational figures of our country are not able to get value for money. But, worry no more. We, at TractorGyan are here to assist this vital pillar of our economy right from the time when they make a plan to buy any farm machinery to the point when the best product reaches their farm. This will be made possible by numerous features on the website.

It covers information about all the tractors that are available in India and all the ranges therein. To make the lives of our food providers easier, we also have the option of comparing the tractors based on numerous parameters like engine horse power, price range and even with near competitors. This will help you in choosing the tractor that best fits the purpose- be it farming, business, transportation or anything else. The reviews and the blog available on the website intends to keep the readers updated with the latest developments in the tractor industry. The new launches and what all companies are leading the market. All at one place- TractorGyan.

We understand that an important element in the purchase of farm machinery is of finance. So, here the farmers can get the info about the same in the form of loan options available, EMI calculator etc. Also, keeping the long term safety in mind, you can know about the insurance options available as well. The easy to search option and easy navigability of the website ensures the convenience of the user. With all this, we can proudly claim that all the headache related to Buying/Selling/Comparing the tractors goes away at the click of a button. You can also know about the salient features of any tractor by watching a host of videos available on the website. Also the name Tractor Junction is registered trademark and is popularly known among farmers since the inception of tractor dealership Shree ji motors in 2011.

The information is available not only for the new tractors but also for the old tractors. And finally, the most essential link in this chain-the nearby dealers can also be located by the options given on the website. So, in short, it is a complete package and the farmers need not look anywhere else.

This, we believe would be the coolest thing to happen to the farming industry in India, in the truest sense of the term. And our team will work day and night to ensure we achieve our Vision for the betterment of our farmers and the nation at large.

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