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Mahindra Finance is amongst the top tractor financers in India and offers a wide range of financial products. Now, you can purchase tractors and farm implements for farming as well as commercial use easily with our farm equipment loans. Get loans on a wide range of tractors and tractor implements without mortgaging of land. The loan process is easy with flexible documentation requirements suited to your needs. Moreover, the loan will be sanctioned within two days after you submit documents. Our tractor loan is fully customized to your requirements with repayments based on your cash flows i.e. monthly/quarterly/half yearly and the tractor becomes loan-free in five years.

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  • Flexible Loan Payment.
  • Quick Disbursal within two days after loan approval.
  • Loan is available for wide range of tractors.
  • Stress free loan sanction without mortgaging land.
  • Easy and flexible with minimum documentation.
  • There is no fixed minimum-maximum amount of Loan.
  • The minimum period is 3 months and the maximum period is 5 years.
  • Strong network of MMFSL branches in rural and semi-urban India.



All customers owning a tractor or planning to buy one required to submit the following documents;

  • KYC Documents(Passport / Voter's Identity Card / Driving Licence / Aadhaar Card / NREGA Card / PAN Card)
  • Income Proof to Support repayment of Loan
  • Agriculture land ownership document

Disclaimer: MMFSL reserves the right to approve/disapprove the loan after the submission and evaluation of documents.


Now avail a loan on your existing vehicle for meeting your various personal and business needs. Our Top-up Loan is designed to cater to the immediate financial need of the existing customer of Mahindra Finance. We offer competitive interest rates to ensure customer’s continued success. The top-up loan offers financial aid to fulfil your monthly obligations and maintain good credit. Our officials are trained to ensure that you receive your top-up quickly with minimal documentation.


Refinance Loan from us can help you pay off your loan quickly and save money each month. We offer competitive rates that are based on your existing tractor payment schedule. The loan period is up to 5 years and for vehicles as old as 10 years. The simple and quick process ensures that you receive your loan through speedy pay-outs. Our well trained officials will help you take informed decisions and assist you with the documentation process.


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