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Apollo DHRUV

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1.Robust construction
2.Strong casing
3.Wide foot print


1.High load carrying capacity
2.High retreadibility
3.Even tread wear and long tyre life



The tyre with robust construction and amazing composition is not a big task to choose now onwards. THe Apollo DHRUV tyre is the best in quality and features, and has amazing benefits and realistic features that no one could resist to have in a high storage tractor. The tyre has a high load carrying capacity and is great in its retareadability. These tyres are tread wear and durable, that is to say they manage moving into any land type with ease and comfort. Moreover, the investment for this tyre is totally worthy and justified as it is durable enough and long lasting in its quality. This Is the best feature type that a tyre could have. Apollo DHRUV tractor tyre is available in the following sizes 9.00-16 16PR and the price of it is very reasonable and cheap.

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