Apollo FX212

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Specially designed for Orchard application


1.Better Tyre Mileage Better stability and Ride ability. 2. Deeper tread depth for better soil penetration


The Apollo FX 212 is 6-12 5-12 7-16 8-16 8-18 180/85. The tyre is specially used and designed for orchard application.The tyre also has better stability and better riding quality that never let any farmer get the tractor out of the market and use on the field. The best thing that a rider would look for in a farm machinery like a tractor is its amazing mileage capacity and riding ability. The interesting thing about riding a tractor is to have a better mileage capacity and better stability that provides better riding ability. The tyre has a better tread depth and a quality of better soil penetration that makes the tractor tyre more suitable for easy farm lands and fields. The price of Apollo FX 212 in India is worth every penny of the purchaser.

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