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1.Extra depth tread
2.Computerised technique ready angle pattern
3.Maximum land area for better grip
4.Favorable lower quality profile prepared on the basis of operational analysis


Tremendous strength to pull
Extended life, less worn out on hard ground
Capacity to load more and better retreadability


This tyre in specific is the most different and unique in its design and workings. Computerized technique with ready pattern and intricate designing is used to make the tyre. The JK TYRE PRITHVI TRACTOR REAR covers maximum land area with firmness and better grip over the soil. The tractor tyre has a favourable lower quality profile prepared on the basis of operational and functional analysis. The tyre quality is very important to determine in any condition, tyre adds importance to the tractor and keeps it functional across. The best thing about the tractor tyre is that it has tremendous power and strength to pull the tractor and give it an appropriate speed. The tyre like this also, multiplies the strength of the tractor and gives it more capacity to load heavy storage. THe tyre is also available in variant sizes of 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 16.9-28. The price of JK TYRE PRITHVI TRACTOR REAR, 16.9-28 size tyre is Rs 18000*/per piece.

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