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jk tyre SONA TRACTOR REAR | Value for Money

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jk tyre
SONA TRACTOR REAR | Value for Money

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1.R between lugs2.Deep tread depthUnique MUD-SHAKE3.Special lug angle and geometr y4.Strong casing and lower cavity profile


1.Dislodges caked mud from the tyre surface and improves field performance
2.Provides better traction
3.Suits high traction requirement
4.Provides better fitment, high load car rying capacity and better retreadability


The tyre has special lug angle and geometr that makes it more updated one and highest in demand. The JK TYRE SONA TRACTOR REAR has a unique tread depth and a unique mud shakes ability. If someone is looking for a high traction requirement then JK tyre Sone tractor rear is the best fit. The tyre multiplies the power and overall look of the tractor by giving it the proper look and feel that it deserves.This tractor too has a better retreadability and high load car carrying capacity. THis tractor is best and exceptional in use and capacity. The price of JK tyre SONA is economical and budget-friendly to afford and use.

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