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Mini tractors in India are the best-suited farming automobiles that are majorly used for managing small land work and small acre agricultural land.These tractors have unknowingly great features and specifications that make the most popular and high in demand by the framers owning a small farm and limited budget size. The prices for mini tractors in India starts from Rs 2.90 Lakhs*, some also come in less range if they are a new and an exquisite launch or the second-hand mini tractors in India. The engine capacity of the Chota tractors in India lay between 15 HP-30 HP. Some of the top models of small tractors in India are named Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT, Sonalika GT 26 Rx, Mahindra JIVO 245 DI and John Deere 3028 EN.

Mini Tractors Price List 2022 in India

Latest Mini Tractors

HP :- 24
Cylinder :- 2
Lifting Capacity :- 750 kg
HP :- 24.5
Cylinder :- 2
Lifting Capacity :- 750 kg
HP :- 28.5
Cylinder :- 3
Lifting Capacity :- 750 kg
HP :- 35
Cylinder :- 3
Lifting Capacity :- 1500 KG

Popular Mini Tractors

HP :- 15
Cylinder :- 1
Lifting Capacity :- 780 Kg
HP :- 15
Cylinder :- 1
Lifting Capacity :- 778 Kg
HP :- 26
Cylinder :- 3
Lifting Capacity :- 750 Kg
HP :- 28
Cylinder :- 3
Lifting Capacity :- 739 Kg

HP :- 30
Cylinder :- 2
Lifting Capacity :- 1336 KG
HP :- 30
Cylinder :- 2
Lifting Capacity :- 1800 KG
HP :- 30
Cylinder :- 4
Lifting Capacity :- 1250 kg
HP :- 31
Cylinder :- 3
Lifting Capacity :- 1100 Kg
HP :- 33
Cylinder :- 3
Lifting Capacity :- 1600KG
HP :- 35
Cylinder :- 3
Lifting Capacity :- 1500 KG
HP :- 35
Cylinder :- NA
Lifting Capacity :- 1860 Kg
HP :- 36
Cylinder :- 3
Lifting Capacity :- 910 Kg
HP :- 36
Cylinder :- 3
Lifting Capacity :- 910 KG
HP :- 50
Cylinder :- 3
Lifting Capacity :- 1470kg - 1850 kg
HP :- 55
Cylinder :- NA
Lifting Capacity :- 4000 Kg
HP :- 65
Cylinder :- 4
Lifting Capacity :- 2400KG

Popular Tractors

Recently Asked Question about Mini Tractors:

Ans. A mini tractor price is starts from 3.5 Lakhs to 7.9 Lakhs in 2022.
Ans. John deere is the best small tractor brand in 2022.
Ans. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT is the best mini tractor in 2022.
Ans. The HP range of Mini Tractors is 15hp to 30hp in India 2022.
Ans. Farmtrac Atom 26 is the Latest model of Mini Tractors.
Ans. Sonalika GT 20 Rx is the best small tractor in India for the money.
Ans. Mini Tractors are perfect for the farmers as they improve productivity, come with advanced technology and have a fair price.
Ans. G.T. Patel & Mr. M.T. Patel invented Mini Tractor in india
Ans. At Tractorgyan you will get on road price of all Mini tractor with their feature, specification etc.
Ans.Yes, Mini tractor Gives warranty when you purchase the Tractor.

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Mini Tractor Price list in India

Mini tractors which are also referred to as Chhota tractors which mean small size tractors are in heavy demand in India. Due to its small size and high hydraulic capacity, Mini Tractor is very useful in small farms and low-budget areas. The best thing about mini tractor is their range and capacity.

Mini tractors' power capacity starts from below 20 HP and goes up to 30 HP. The mini tractor Price range starts from 2.90 Lakhs* to 5.0 Lakhs*. 

Some of the high rated Mahindra mini tractor models are Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT, Sonalika GT 26 Rx, Mahindra JIVO 245 DI, and John Deere 3028 EN. High progression and innovation in the automobile industry have brought the E-Mini tractor which runs on battery and is very low maintenance and low running cost.

Due to its compact size, it is also used in 2-3 Tier cities for transportation of goods as it can easily pull a heavy load in cities' narrow roads. Mini tractors are in high demand and are trending in the tractor industry.

Buy Mini tractor for agriculture and farming

In India, farm areas are comparatively smaller than the other countries. Therefore, buying small Tractors makes sense as the farm areas can be easily ploughed and do not require high HP tractors. Mini tractor's prices are comparatively very low than the regular tractors because it is running and maintenance costs are very low.

Therefore, Indian farmers always prefer small tractors in the farming process. In India, there is a renting system of tractors. For example, a farmer who cannot buy tractors rents a tractor for the farming process. Thus, the rent of mini tractors is low and easy to maintain, and budget friendly.

Mini tractor in India is the essential automobiles that have more utility and efficiency to work with ease. The need to have this mini tractor in India was to get help in maintaining the small farms and small agricultural lands. 

Nowadays, small tractors have set the trend in the market in the field of agriculture and farming. The small tractors in India are best used for gardening and landscaping activities. In an overall estimate, the mini tractor prices in India are between Rs 2.85 Lakhs* - Rs 6.90 Lakhs*. 

Where is Mini tractor in India used?

Indian economy mostly depends on farming due to the vast fertile land available in India. As the normal tractor is costly and cannot be fully used in small farms, therefore, small tractors play an important role in their life. Chhota tractors in India are used in small farms usually, but they can also be used in orchards and wineries too. Mini tractors are considered to be the most essential and powerful assistance of a farmer.

Taking a round of the farm field to bring productivity is not that easy, thus small tractors are a must. small tractors in India were first used for gardening and landscaping purposes as the engine was efficient and their compact structure was easy to roll on the agricultural land. Mini tractors Price in India are also affordable and these tractors are considered to be a perfect fit of choice for various farmers, thus, the mini tractor is a smart choice in terms of less investment and better results.

What does a mini tractor in India have in its specifications? 

Mini Tractor features and specifications are given below and it’s important to know to get a better understanding of compact tractors. While purchasing the best mini tractors in India one should have certain knowledge about features and specifications that should be considered for a better reason. 

  • Mini Tractor Engine HP between 15 HP - 30 HP.
  • Highly efficient and powerful engines. 
  • The width of the tractor should be less than 1200 mm.
  • Mini tractor have Narrow tyre track
  • High fuel consumption capacity.
  • Cost-effective for farmers.
  • Productive in use, add fertility to the land.
  • Mini Tractor has Modern farming methods with a blend of technology. 
  • Innovation in cultivation and horticulture. 
  • Light in weight and occupies less space. 
  • Comfortable settings, easy to manage on turns and twists.

Which mini tractors are popular in India in 2022? 

Here are some of the popular Mini tractor models in India in 2022 that you should keep a note of. For having higher results and performances, having mini tractors in India of the best quality and durability is important. Here are the top 5 mini tractors in India - 

  1. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT -
  2. Mahindra JIVO 245 DI -
  3. Sonalika GT 26 Rx -
  4. John Deere 3028 EN -
  5. Sonalika DI 30 Baagban Super - 

Top mini tractor videos in India on Youtube 

Follow our YouTube channels to know everything in detail about mini tractors and watch the exclusive content created by our team on the Tractor Gyan channel. We have a bunch of curated and functional mini tractor videos of different tractor brands. Factually, it is not possible for all the farmers to keep a check on tractors they want to purchase, so having a virtual tour of these tractors is a good idea. 

Who are the dealers of the mini tractors in India?

Mini tractor Dealers in India are getting popular and hence having a dealer network is no wonder. To know the dealers and nearest dealer showrooms in India, visit Tractor Gyan. 

Which are the second-hand mini tractors in India?

If you are considering buying second-hand tractors then visit our website to get exclusively good condition used tractors. The second-hand mini tractors in India are available and FREE listed on the website. These tractors in India are exclusive in their specifications and compositions; Mini Tractors help the farmers similarly, like new branded tractors of a brand that is available within a high budget range. At Tractor Gyan you can get a complete list of the used small tractors in India that can be purchased by you.

What is the price of mini tractors in India? 

Mini tractor Prices in India plays an important role as it should be budget-friendly. The price of small tractors mostly depends upon their engine capacity. The mini tractor price in India 2022 having an engine capacity of 15 HP - 36 HP is between Rs 2.50 Lakhs - 6.15 Lakhs*.

Since Mini tractors are compact sized they can be used in small farms and orchards or other small acres of land, with the limited utility the mini tractor's price in India goes down to the prices of the big tractors in India.

So, here you'll find each company Mini tractors i.e. Mahindra Mini Tractor, Powertrac Mini Tractor, Swaraj Mini Tractor, Kubota Mini Tractor, Captain Mini Tractor, Sonalika Mini Tractor, Massey Ferguson mini tractor, etc. 

Where to get the financial loan for mini tractors?

With the help of Farmers in India, we provide all the details on how to get Mini tractors on loan, getting a mini tractor loan will become stress-free and rapid. Tractor Gyan will get all the necessary information about schemes and loan procedures that will surely help you to get proper financial help to purchase an efficient tractor.

Thus, the Chhota tractors are not just an automobile, for the farmers they are the exquisite power that drives productivity and yields the best results in farming and agriculture. The best choice to take care of small farmland and agricultural acres is to have a Mini tractor that is comfy and efficient in use. So visit Tractor Gyan to know more about the available mini tractors in India.

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