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Mini tractors in India are the best-suited farming automobiles that are majorly used for managing small land work and small acre agricultural land. The mini tractor price in India starts from Rs 2.90 Lakhs*, some also come in less range if they are a new and an exquisite launch or the second-hand mini tractors in India. Mini tractors have unknowingly great features and specifications that make the most popular and high in demand by the framers owning a small farm and limited budget size. The engine capacity of the Chota tractors in India lay between 15 HP-30 HP. Some of the top models of small tractors in India are named Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT, Sonalika GT 26 Rx, Mahindra JIVO 245 DI and John Deere 3028 EN.

Mini Tractors Price List 2022 in India

Latest Mini Tractors

tractor hp HP :- 24.5
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 2
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 750 kg
tractor hp HP :- 28.5
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 750 kg
tractor hp HP :- 35
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 1500 KG

Popular Mini Tractors

tractor hp HP :- 15
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 1
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 780 Kg
tractor hp HP :- 15
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 1
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 778 Kg
tractor hp HP :- 26
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 750 Kg

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Recently Asked Question about Mini Tractors:

Ans. A mini tractor price is starts from 3.5 Lakhs to 7.9 Lakhs in 2022.
Ans. John deere is the best small tractor brand in 2022.
Ans. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT is the best mini tractor in 2022.
Ans. The HP range of Mini Tractors is 15hp to 30hp in India 2022.
Ans. Farmtrac Atom 26 is the Latest model of Mini Tractors.
Ans. Sonalika GT 20 Rx is the best small tractor in India for the money.
Ans. Mini Tractors are perfect for the farmers as they improve productivity, come with advanced technology and have a fair price.
Ans. G.T. Patel & Mr. M.T. Patel invented Mini Tractor in india
Ans. At Tractorgyan you will get on road price of all Mini tractor with their feature, specification etc.
Ans.Yes, Mini tractor Gives warranty when you purchase the Tractor.

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At that point you're at the perfect spot here on you get all brands of small scale farm vehicles at one page with their value, detail, and mileage. you'll additionally contrast two small farm haulers with comprehend which one is ideal for you. 

Little work vehicles cost in India is getting famous in India and finding an ideal smaller than normal farm hauler might be a troublesome undertaking. Along these lines, here you'll discover each organization Chhota farm vehicle for example Mahindra Mini Tractor, Powertrac Mini Tractor, Swaraj Mini Tractor, Eicher Mini Tractor, Kubota Mini Tractor, Captain Mini Tractor, Sonalika Mini Tractor, Deere Mini Tractor, and bunches of something else. These days Mini work vehicles in India go with cutting edge innovation which gives sublime mileage inside the field at a sensible cost. Smaller than usual work vehicle for agribusiness is that the best arrangement for every rancher who needs all the imaginative highlights at a financial little farm truck rate. Its cost in India is fixed reliably with the financial plan of the farmers all together that they will bear the cost of it without any problem. 

All the tractor mini having a scope of under 30 HP and width under 1.2m go under Mini Tractor. In spite of the fact that they are little in size they come with incredible proficiency, execution, and adequate force so they can function admirably with a wide range of actualizes. 

Small scale work vehicles are the farm vehicles fundamentally utilized for the nurseries and agriculture cultivating. These days in India, there's a pattern of the small farm hauler in light of the fact that numerous mainstream organizations are giving Mini work vehicles that have progressed highlights and their cost is simply excessively reasonable. They are reasonable for farmers who are doing agriculture cultivating. They have a low hp range and hence the cost of smaller than usual farm trucks is additionally moderate. They additionally are alluded to as a nursery, plantation, conservative, and Chota work vehicle. 

Smaller than normal work vehicles is the farm vehicles that surface with all the characteristics of completely coordinated work vehicles like they need a solid motor to figure proficiently on the homesteads, 4 wheel drive choice structure that farm vehicle gets more grasp from the surface, enormous fuel tank limit which gives extended periods of time on the area, work limit which may lift most actualizes on the fields and loads of more extra highlights. 

As we as a whole realize that with a proceeding with increment inside the populace land diminishes so these days cultivating done on the real estate parcel and managing consequently little land with completely coordinated work vehicle get troublesome that is the reason little farm haulers get imagined. These days, the farm hauler little accompanies all the serious highlights and gainful characteristics at an incredible reasonable smaller than expected work vehicle cost. The work vehicle smaller than usual cost is simply excessively moderate for the farmers once you get मिनीट्रैक्टरin quite a sensible rate with all the characteristics. 

Small work vehicles are that the full bundle bargain for all the farmers since it accompanies all the basic highlights like substantial water driven lifting limit, enormous fuel tank, 4 wheel drives, fuel saver, and heaps of something else. Numerous smaller than expected farm vehicles go with a solid motor that gives powerful and effective work on the area. Minimal work vehicle cost in India is generally sensible for its clients all together that they will manage the cost of it without any problem. So purchasing a Mini work vehicle is that the full bundle bargain for the farmers. 


Land Fragmentation:- With the Division of a rancher's family, the land property gets tinier. little landholding farmers can't hold up under the expense of the exorbitant farm hauler or execute. 

Between Cultivation:- Inter-Cultivation follow up for explicit harvests like Cotton, Groundnut is fundamental, yet no other lighter, the traditionalist decision was open for these exercises. 

An alternative option of Bullocks/Animals:- Bullocks were being used For the Inter-improvement assignments in agribusiness similarly as development, in light of the nonattendance of a pragmatic other choice 

Fixed costs/cost:- Bullocks and animals anyway idle should be dealt with reliably which is an extra weight for the farmers. This isn't the circumstance with the work vehicles, entirely not used, they can be rented for extra compensation to the farmers

Work Crisis:- A huge bit of the Rural energetic people is moving to the city for better openings, this is making a work insufficiency of sorts. Robotization is the need of the day 

Present day Farming:- Youthful Generation should introduce current development in developing and agriculture as it ensures the best returns for the least undertakings. 


Conservative in Size:- The overall segments of the farm vehicles like – wheelbase, wheel track, height, weight, turning range, are sensible for most of the harvests like "cotton, lentil/beats, castor, grapes, groundnut, pomegranate, Chiku, sugar stay (with 5' segment farm). Or then again, it will in general be modified to suit the need of every rancher. 

Short Turning Radius:- Because of decreased size, and improvement the small scale farm truck has a short turning limit, which allows the work vehicle to easily investigate around obstacles without damage to the yield. It is important for development crops. 

Light in Weight:- Because of lightweight, the dirt isn't pressed during any action. Accordingly, it is especially important in sandy soils or for between advancement. 

In this section, we have exhibited you a sensible work vehicles price in India which is fitting for such a rancher. Close by this, you can get a 20 hp Mini work vehicles cost and worth rundown in India at their money related little work vehicle rate which farmers can without a very remarkable stretch oversee. 

Pick the fitting MINI TRACTORS as demonstrated by your need, simplicity, and spending plan. We have showed up here various options for you to pick your dream farm hauler and augmentation your estate proficiency. Nowadays, associations offer work vehicles that are less value little farm truck and judicious which is the explanation farmers need to buy smaller than normal work vehicle 4x4. The expense is the most preferred cost among the little rancher of India. Here you can find little farm haulers cost in different states like the expense in Haryana, best smaller than expected work vehicle in Tamilnadu, cost in Punjab,tractor scaled down price in Kerala, cost in Himachal Pradesh, the expense in India. 

7 Best smaller than usual farm haulers in India; 

Mahindra jivo 365 di all wheel drive 

Kubota A211N-OP 

john deere 3028 en 

Swaraj 825 xm 

Farmtrac Atom 26 

Eicher 188 

Vst Shakti MT 180D 

In India, 70% of the Farmers are having under 5 Acre agribusiness land. As a result of this in the past 7-8 years solicitations of Mini Tractors have extended basically in India. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 is one of the main little Tractors in the Indian Market. They are furthermore arranged into two classes Small Tractor and Compact Tractor (Special Application Tractor for Orchards). 

Scaled down farm trucks are an amazing alternative for farmers particularly the individuals who chip away at orchids, little homesteads and gardens. The best thing about smaller than normal farm vehicles is that notwithstanding being little in size it can play out all applications with extraordinary force. Presently, you can purchase the beneath referenced astonishing scaled down farm vehicles at modest rates. 

Mahindra jivo 245 di: 

This work vehicle is likewise accessible in the 4WD alternative. It gives you magnificent execution even on a harsh street and you can without much of a stretch lift a heap of 750 kg through it. Being a Mahindra's littlest farm hauler it accompanies highlights like low upkeep and best mileage. The cost of Mahindra jivo 245 di is between 3.90 to 4.05 lakhs. 

Yuvraj 215 NXT: 

Another Mahindra work vehicle in the rundown. This one is India's initial 15 HP work vehicle which accompanies incredible highlights like a vertical single-chamber motor. The body and plan of the farm truck are overall quite appropriate to work in a little zone. The cost of Mahindra 215 NXT goes from Rs.2.50 to Rs.2.75 lakhs. 

Swaraj 717: 

This work vehicle is reasonable and dependable both in a similar term. It accompanies a lifting limit of 780 kg and works incredible with heaps of actualizes. You will likewise get an ADDC highlight in it. This all will cost you around Rs.2.53  to Rs.2.70 lakhs. 

After Japanese Tractor Manufacturer Kubota pushed 3 Tractor models in the 21-30 HP Category in 2016, All Indian Manufacturers like Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, Sonalika, and Escorts also started focusing on Mini/Compact Tractors order and impelled more than 10 new models during 2017. Farm vehicles in less than 30 Horsepower characterization and width under 1200 mm are designated Mini Tractors in India. 

Little Tractors made up a normal 7% of the whole farm hauler industry in Indian Market. They are proposed to work in little estates with ideal power and viability. Considering their little size, Mini farm haulers also are known as Chota Tractor in India. Critical Market for Mini Tractors in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and the Bihar States. 

Small tractor are generally purchased by pretty much nothing and negligible farmers due to the lower cost of it. They are Purchased for Orchard and Vineyards farmers due to its remarkable applications like bury culture and sprinkling of pesticides in grape plantations and typically, a huge part of the Compact farm hauler went with 4WD other options and side-mounted mechanical assembly switches so it furthermore easy to manage and drive for long working hours. Scaled down farm trucks cost in India goes between 2.50 - 6.90 Lacs.


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