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  • Eicher 485 SUPER DI
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2008 MM

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1200Kg- 1850Kg

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The Eicher 485 super DI tractor is noted as one of the supreme and finest tractors of Eicher. Eicher is known for its value for money tractors and providing utmost sales and service support after the purchase. Eicher 485 Super di price is Rs. 6.00 Lacs* - 6.40 Lacs*.

The Eicher 485 Super DI is generally used by the farmer for agricultural purposes and is considered the farmer's best equipment when it comes to farming. Eicher 485 hp is 45 hp. The Eicher 485 Super DI weighs around 1850 kg.

The price is where all the game about the tractor begins. Eicher 485 Super DI price is super affordable. Eicher 485 Super Di tractor has got eight forward and two reverse gears for greater resistance followed by the brakes which are dry or oil-immersed.

Eicher 485 Super DI Features and Specifications:-

As originally noted, Eicher produces over 17 models in India, with the Eicher 485 Super Di being one of the most popular and economical tractors among them. The Eicher 485 Super DI is the company's most fuel-efficient tractor. This tractor type is a good alternative for our Indian farmers. The Eicher 485 Super DI Tractor is a tractor that may bring a lot of value to your farm and make you a lot of money.

The Eicher 485 Super DI is a tractor model which is effective and can readily connect to all of the necessary farming machines. It has a live-type power take-off and 38.3 PTO hp, making it capable of handling tractor attachments. 

Eicher tractor 485 model is specialized in agricultural operations such as threshing, planting, cultivating and sowing, land leveling, plowing and tilling, and harvesting with various attachments. 

The 485 eicher tractor can easily get along and connect with the farm implements such as a cultivator, rotavator, plod, and others to conduct various agricultural duties. In addition to all of this, the Eicher 485 tractor price is reasonable and a great combination of toughness and dependability.

The Dry Type Single or Dual Clutch on the Eicher 485 Super DI Tractor ensures smooth and simple operation. Dry Disc Brakes or Oil Immersed Brakes are available for the eicher tractor 485, which provide less slippage and better field grip. 

Easy control and enhanced functionality are provided by the Eicher 485 Super DI power steering side gear. In the Eicher category, the 485 Eicher tractor is a popular choice. This tractor type also has a 48-liter gasoline tank and a lifting capacity of 1200-1850 kg.

Nonetheless, the Eicher 485 tractor price in India is affordable for farmers. Because of its updated form, it became the preferred choice for new-age farmers. Yes, the Eicher 485 new model 2023 is equipped with the most up-to-date innovations to fulfill the needs of today's farmers.

The Eicher 485 Super DI comes with an engine rated 2150 RPM and has three cylinders with 4 stage oil air filter.

The minimum speed is 32.3 km, and the vehicle has a 12 V 75 AH battery and a 12 V 36 A alternator. This tractor weighs a total of 2045 kilograms. This tractor has a front tire of 6.00 x 16 inches and a rear tire of 13.6 x 28 / 14.9 x 28 inches 

The Eicher 485 SUPER DI has a wheelbase of 2008 mm and a ground clearance of 385 mm. The 485 SUPER DI has a total length of 2590 mm and a total width of 1710 mm. The entire bodyweight of this tractor is 2045 KG. This is a 2WD tractor with a 6.00 x 16 front tyre and 13.6 x 28 / 14.9 x 28 rear rubber wheel 

What is the price of Eicher 485?

Eicher Tractor has a total of 15 tractor models ranging from 18 to 55 horsepower. Eicher Tractor costs between 275,000 and 655,000 Indian rupees. The company's engines are low-maintenance, low-cost, fuel-efficient, and dependable to use. 

They provide high-quality spare parts that are readily available through their service centers. Tractors have features that make them a good value for money product. Eicher Tractor is one of the most illustrious names in the history of tractors. The Eicher 333 Super DI, Eicher 242, and Eicher 380 Super DI are among the company's best-selling tractors.

The Eicher 485 price is Rs 6.00 Lacs* and 6.40 Lacs*. which is considered to be extremely reasonable, and people can rely on it because it produces excellent results and comes with excellent service support from both the manufacturer and Tractor Gyan. 

How Will Tractor Gyan Help You?

Tractor Gyan will assist you in learning more about the tractor by presenting you with a variety of options based on your needs, wants, and budget. as well as comprehensive information on the Eicher 485 on-road price, and other critical factors.


Customer Reviews of Eicher 485 SUPER DI Tractors

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Review By: Bhawani     17-03-2023


very nice eicher tractor price ultimate power

Review By: Mahendra     03-03-2023


sabse best price hai 485 eicher tractor price

Review By: Rahul     21-02-2023


485 eicher tractor ke features kamaal

Review By: Naveen     21-02-2023


eicher 485 on road price is pocket friendly for farmers

Review By: Hemanta     16-02-2023



Review By:      13-02-2023


Eicher 485 SUPER DI

Review By: Varun     08-02-2023


Eicher 485 hp, engine, baaki features aur eicher tractor price in india number 1 choice hai.

Review By: Manoj     31-01-2023


485 eicher on road price is gud and 485 eicher tractor is best.

Review By: Vishwas     28-01-2023


Eicher 485 price makes it extra good and eicher tractor hp is good too.

Review By:      18-01-2023


ye tarctor bhot badiya hai eicher 485 ki kimat thodi jyada lgi mujhe lekin ye eicher tractor model kaam joor daar karta hai.

Review By: Jayesh     12-01-2023


onr of the best tractors 485 eicher tractor and eicher tractor price 485 is excellent value for money

Review By:      09-01-2023



Review By: Ram     06-01-2023


Eicher 485 mileage me to number 1 hai sath hi eicher tractor on road price bhi shi hai.

Review By: Variam     02-01-2023



Review By: Variam     02-01-2023



Review By: Zapdiya     24-11-2022



Review By: Ajay     19-11-2022


उत्तर प्रदेश मैनपुरी जिला

Review By: Mettina     30-07-2020


This is a very good tractor. I am using this tractor for 18 months. This tractor can be used for all farm applications and also with many implements. It has very good lifting capacity and also fuel tank capacity. It offers a comfortable driving.

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Recently Asked Question About Eicher 485 SUPER DI Tractor:

Eicher 485 SUPER DI is a 45 HP Tractor.
Eicher 485 SUPER DI has 45 HP PTO.
Eicher 485 SUPER DI has Central Shift, Combination Of Constant Mesh And Sliding Mesh/Side Shift.
Eicher 485 SUPER DI has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears.
Eicher 485 SUPER DI has Dry Disc Brakes / Oil Immersed Brakes.
Eicher 485 SUPER DI has Manual / Power Steering.
Eicher 485 SUPER DI has 3 Engine Cylinder.
Eicher 485 SUPER DI has Dry Type Single / Dual.
Eicher 485 SUPER DI has 2150 Engine RPM.
Yes, You can buy Eicher 485 SUPER DI tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.
Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.
Lifting capacity of Eicher 485 SUPER DI tractor is 1200Kg- 1850Kg.
"Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 48 Lit liters"
Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.

Eicher 548, Eicher 380, Eicher 242, Eicher 551 and Eicher 485 are the most popular eicher tractor models.

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