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  • Powertrac 445 Plus
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The Powertrac 445 Plus is a 47 HP tractor and it can handle a wide range of farming activities. It is a versatile and powerful tractor by Powertrac. From field preparation to crop cultivation, this tractor can handle everything. 

With a robust design and advanced features, this is suitable for modern Indian farmers. The Powertrac 445 Plus tractor features are 3-cylinder engine, a Sensi-1 hydraulic system, and a lifting capacity of 1800 KG. 

Powertrac 445 Plus is a powerful tractor with 50 liter fuel capacity and it comes with 6 years warranty. The Powertrac 445 Plus price starts from Rs. 5.50 Lakh*- Rs. 6.10 Lakh* in India.

If you’re interested in buying a tractor in India, this post will help you a lot. We will help you learn about the Powertrac 445 Plus price on road and features in India. You can learn about Powertrac 445 Plus models and specifications at tractorgyan.

Powertrac 445 Plus Price and Variants (On-Road Price) in India 2024:

Powertrac 445 on road price is Rs. 5.50 Lakh*- Rs. 6.10 Lakh* in India 2024. This is an affordable price range. Farmers can buy Powertrac tractor 445 Plus with the help of loans as well. 

There is only one variant of this tractor available in the market. 

Powertrac 445 Plus Price in India 2024 (Ex-Showroom Price):

The Powertrac 445 Plus ex-showroom price is Rs. 5 Lakh*- Rs. 5.60 Lakh* in India.

Powertrac 445 Plus Specifications:

Powertrac 445 Plus is a modern tractor with advanced specifications. 

  • Advance Engine:- It has a powerful engine. The engine delivers optimal performance with a rated RPM of 2000 RPM.  The Powertrac 445 HP is 47 and its engine has 3 cylinders. The engine displacement is 2761 CC. The engine is fueled by diesel. 
  • Modern Transmission:- The tractor uses the Center Shift / Side Shift transmission type. Farmers can use this tractor at multiple speeds because you get 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. The maximum forward speed of this tractor is 2.7 - 32.5 Kmph. 
  • Brakes and Clutch:- This tractor comes with Multi multi-plate oil Immersed Disc brakes. These brakes are powerful and have reliable braking. The clutch system offers flexibility with the option of a Single or Dual Clutch. 
  • High-Powered PTO:- The PTO speed is 540 RPM when the engine is running at 1800 RPM. The Powertrac 445 PTO HP is 40. The dual PTO configuration increases its adaptability to a diverse range of agricultural activities. 
  • Hydraulics:- The lifting capacity of the Powertrac 445 Plus tractor is 1600 Kg. The 3-point linkage of this tractor is powered by automatic depth & draft control. 

Powertrac 445 Plus Features:

  • The Powertrac 445 Plus tractor features a Sensi-1 hydraulic system. This is a notable component that enhances the tractor's functionality. 
  • The "Sensi-1" designation suggests a sensitivity in the hydraulic controls,
  • The front axle of this tractor is a Fixed-Straight Axle type. The rear axle is designed with Inboard Reduction. 
  • This tractor has two-speed options, Single 540, and Single (540 + MRPTO) options. 
  • Powetrac 445 hp engine uses a water-cooled cooling system to keep the engine functional for long-hour operations. 
  • The tractor comes with Power Steering / Mechanical Single Drop Arm options. 
  • The ground clearance of this tractor is 425 Nm. This makes the tractor easy to move over rough terrain. 
  • The fuel tank of this tractor has a 50 litre capacity. Farmers can store enough fuel for long-hour operations. 
  • Its PTO system is designed to provide reliable power for tasks such as crop processing, harvesting, and other applications. 

Powertrac 445 Plus Benefits:

  • Powertrac 445 Plus tractor benefits are many. We listed the key ones for you. 
  • The Powertrac 445 Plus tractor's PTO system is designed to provide reliable power for tasks such as crop processing, harvesting, and other applications. 
  • The multi-speed PTO of the tractor enhances its versatility in power delivery. 
  • The tractor has a user-friendly design. So, anyone can use it without any hassles. 
  • Its engine provides the necessary horsepower and torque for efficient field operations. 
  • The fuel-efficient engine of this tractor reduces operating costs for farmers. 
  •  The modern design of this tractor prioritizes the comfort and convenience of the operator. 

Powertrac 445 Plus Review:

Users can enjoy great farming productivity with the help of these tractors. According to available Powertrac 445 Plus online reviews, users are happy with its engine power and its multi-speed PTO. They found its built quality very good.

Many users have been able to use this tractor for more than 10 years without any issues. You can also refer to the niche review section at Tractor Gyan. Our review section features the feedback of users. You can use these reviews to understand how this tractor is performing in real-time.

Powertrac 445 Plus Dealers and Availability:-

Powertrac is a leading tractor manufacturer in India. Its tractors are easily available via its extensive dealer network.

All over India, more than 600 dealers at 650+ locations are available. Farmers are recommended to purchase a Powertrac 445 Plus tractor only from a verified dealer. Authorized dealers provide authentic tractors with genuine parts. They can help you learn about the genuine features and prices of tractors. 

Dealers also have professionals who can guide you about different versions of the tractor and recommend a model that suits most of your farming requirements. This way, farmers will always find a fitting Powertrac 445 Plus tractor. 

Tractor Gyan provides a detailed listing of Powertrac tractor dealers in India. Farmers can use this listing to learn about the Powertrac tractor dealer phone number and Powertrac tractor dealer address in India.  

Powertrac 445 Plus Warranty and Maintenance

Powertrac 445 Plus warranty is for 6 years or 6000 hours from the date of purchase. This is a good warranty and covers important parts like engines, PTO, and transmission.

However, farmers can enjoy better tractor performance if they can look after the tractor. Some basic tractor maintenance can increase the tractor's life. 

Maintenance tips like changing the lubricant oil frequently, looking for minor wear & tear, and providing regular cleaning are useful. 

With these basic maintenance steps, the Powertrac 445 Plus tractor will perform great on a field even if the warranty ends.

As you maintain the tractor, you’re able to detect any damage signs at an early stage. Farmers can fix these damages before they are hard to fix. 

Why Choose Tractor Gyan for the Powertrac 445 Plus tractor?

A tractor is not a purchase. It’s an investment. The Powertrac 445 Plus tractor is a great tractor for small to mid-scale farming. It has many advanced features and specifications. Farmers need to understand the Powertrac 445 prices, features, and warranty.

This data will help farmers to invest their money in the right direction. But, finding all this information is not easy. Tractor Gyan helps farmers in this regard. 
All this information will help farmers to understand Powertrac 445 Plus in a better way. 

Customer Reviews of Powertrac 445 Plus Tractors

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Powertrac 445 Plus

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Recently Asked Question About Powertrac 445 Plus Tractor:

What is the Powertrac 445 Plus price In India?

Powertrac 445 Plus Price is Rs. 5.50 - 6.10 Lakh* in India.

What is the Powertrac 445 Plus HP Category?

Powertrac 445 Plus is a 47 HP tractor.

What is the Powertrac 445 Plus PTO HP?

Powertrac 445 Plus PTO HP is 40.

What is the Powertrac 445 Plus lifting capacity?

Powertrac 445 Plus lifting capacity is 1600KG.

What is the type of Powertrac 445 Plus steering?

Powertrac 445 Plus has Power Steering / Mechanical Single drop arm option.

How long is the Powertrac 445 Plus warranty?

Powertrac 445 Plus Comes With warranty.

Where can i find Powertrac 445 Plus dealer near me?

At tractorgyan, You can find Powertrac 445 Plus dealers near you.

Which types of brakes used in Powertrac 445 Plus tractor?

Powertrac 445 Plus tractor has Multi-Plate Oil Immersed Disc Brakes.

What is the number of gears in Powertrac 445 Plus?

Powertrac 445 Plus has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears.

What is the Powertrac 445 Plus transmission type?

Powertrac 445 Plus has Center Shift / side shift option transmition.

What is the number of engine cylinder in Powertrac 445 Plus?

Powertrac 445 Plus has 3 cylinder engine.

What is the Powertrac 445 Plus RPM?

Powertrac 445 Plus generate 2000 Engine RPM.

What is the Powertrac 445 Plus displacement CC?

Powertrac 445 Plus Displacement CC is 2761CC.

What is the Powertrac 445 Plus tractor Clutch Type?

Powertrac 445 Plus has Singal / Dual.

What is the Powertrac 445 Plus fuel tank capacity?

Powertrac 445 Plus fuel tank capacity is 50Lit.

Which are the best selling tractor models of Powertrac tractors?

Powertrac Euro 50 and Powertrac 439 Plus are the most popular Powertrac tractor models.

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