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Apollo BHIM

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1.High tread depth
2.Rounded shoulders
3.Strong casing




The tyre is available in the following sizes 8.00-19, 5.00-19, 6.00-19. The tyre has a high tread depth and rounded shoulders that keeps its shape and size unique and different from others. The tractor tyre of this category has its own features and strong casing that keeps it unique and tough for all kinds of tractor rides and journeys
Apollo tyres have been the best example of technology and modern designs that keeps the tractor look more modish and appealing. The best thing about the tyre is that it is good in quality, rich in durability and exceptionally well in its use and operations. The Apollo BHIM tractor tyre is the best fit for all the tractors because it consists of amazing flexibility that manages the entire tractor body even at the tough and rugged surface. The prices of Apollo BHIM tyres in India is Rs 12500 per set (the prices are critical to changes).

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