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7 Things to Keep in Mind While selecting tractor tyres

    7 Things to Keep in Mind While selecting tractor tyres

7 Things to Keep in Mind While selecting tractor tyres

Choosing and buying the right tyres for a tractor is often a difficult task and even if a small mistake is done while choosing them can make your tractor less efficient.  So, here are some tips for you to make your task easier.


1.Figure out your needs

The first and most important thing is what your needs are whether you want to use your tractor in your field or on the road, in a small farm or a big farm, for any specific purpose or for multipurpose. Different purposes require different tyres so make sure you know your needs.


2.Know the specifications and basics of tyres

You should know the specifications as well as their meanings of tyres. So that you can figure out the best tyres according to your needs and you know how to maintain them.


3.Keep in mind the tyres that came with your tractor

Different tractors come with different tyres and these tyres are usually the most suitable ones for them. So you can keep in mind the specifications of those tyres while buying the new ones.


4.Standard tyres may not be always the most suitable ones for your needs

Today there are lots of options other than standard tyres are present in the market like VF tyres or IF tyres. These tyres usually come with low tyre pressure that reduces soil contraction and can work on both roads and field without any adjustments. So choose a tyre that helps you in reducing fuel consumption, slip less, have good traction and fulfill your needs.


5.Keep an eye on the opportunities  from where you can buy tyres at low prices

Usually, there are sales organized by big tyre companies so keep an eye on them and buy them at lower prices from these sales.


6.Maintain the ratio of size between the rear and front tyres

If you have a 4WD tractor make sure keep the ratio of front and back tractor in your mind while buying tyres. Usually, rear tyres are double the size of front tyres.


7.Don’t go for used tyres if you want them to them use for a long run

If you want to use your tractor for a long tyre then going for used tyres just because they are of low price can be a big mistake. As used tyres lead to many disadvantages over new tyres and have a small life. So instead of comprising on prices go for new tyres.

We hope that you get the right tyres for your tractor.



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