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Apollo FX 515

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FX 515

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1.Strong nylon carcass
2.Optimum foot print
3.Narrowed Section Width


1.Improved grip performance, Excellent fuel Efficiency & Lesser soil compactionProvides superior structural stability and high load carrying capacity

2Lower ground pressure and crop protection

3.Helps in spraying & row crop applications


The tyre possesses a strong nylon casing with optimum foot prints and amazing grip on hold and operation of the tyre. The tyre has a narrowed section width that keeps it easily stuck to the mud or land, being flexible in the movement and its ride. The Apollo FX 515 is the best tractor tyre of all time, it is amazing in its performance and functionalities, the price of this tyre is also very reasonable and easy to afford. The tyre is a very important part of the tractor and having a good and sound quality for it is very essential. The Apollo FX 515 gives best performance and has a high loading/storage capacity, which is a big victory for the farmers. The price of Apollo FX 515 is reasonable and very economical in price.

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