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1.Steel belted texture2.Maximum tread depth and wide lug 3.Extremely strong outer shell4.Computerised formed Lug patter


1.Best puncture protection
2.Better stability and grip
3.Fuel efficiency
4.Less exhaustion to the driver
5.Longer life, less worn out


The size of the tyre is available in variants of 320/85R28, 380/85R28, 420/85R28. The tractor has an extremely strong metallic body with a strong base and high belt structure. The tractor further has maximum tread depth and wide lug that prevents the tyre from submerging deep into the muddy soil or rough land mass. The JK TYRE AGRIGOLD-TRACTOR REAR is also known for better stability and firm grip in its operation and use. The puncture protection and fuel efficiency are the other amazing features of the tractor that makes it best in many cases. The tyre is best preferred for tractors that have heavy machines and quality inputs, that multiplies their utility. Thus, a tyre like this JK tractor tyre is ideal as it has longer life and is less worn out. The price of JK Tyre Agrigold tractor rear is Rs 16000/piece.

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