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1.Step-lug design
2.perior dimensions
3.Superior tread depth
4.Extra strong casing
5.Step-lug technolog


1.Better traction and long life
2.Better control and good performance & aesthetics
3.Provides better hour-age life and traction
4.High load carrying capacity
5.Provide even wear


The tyre gives better traction and longer life to extend. If a person looks for better control and speeding of the tractor so that the field gets better nourished with the soil blend then, JK Tyre Shrestha tractor rear is the best fit. If you see around a step-lug design, perior dimensions, superior tread depth and extra strong casing then the tyre is the best fit and best category of JK brand. The tyre also has a quality of providing the better traction and extra hour long age, that keeps the tractor moving and going on for a long time/period. The technological trend and the blend with the innovation of the tractor tyre makes it more easy to use and run over the rugged fields. The price of a JK TYRE Shreshtha tractor rear tyre is very reasonable and easy to afford.

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