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jk tyre SONA 1 TRACTOR REAR | Ultimate Tyre for All Applications

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jk tyre
SONA 1 TRACTOR REAR | Ultimate Tyre for All Applications

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1.Features- High tread depth. Analytically arrived at pattern angle using computational technique2.Increased land area in the center where opposite lugs overlap optimally3.Lower cavity profile optimized using iterative analysis4.Unique mud shaker


1.Very good traction, enables better pull and thereby better ploughing even in hard soil
2.Better wear properties and excellent stability
3.Better fitments maintaining big and broad looks
4.Helps excellent removal of mud and cleaning tread surface


This tyre is the ultimate luxury and best in potential, it is used for all the applications and requirements. The tyre has a unique quality of mud shaking , which eases the ride of the tractor and helps in skipping the tough mud coming on the way. The agricultural soil gets well mixed and fertilized over and over through the ride of this tractor. The JK TYRE SONA 1 TRACTOR REAR is proved to be the best and better in providing traction, big fitments that give a big and broad look and make the tractor tyre look more aesthetic and appealing. The tyre has a safe and self quality of removing the mud that is rigidly stuck in between, the area of land is also ploughed properly with immense care and proper hygiene. Moreover, this tractor tyre type has better wear properties and excellent stability. The price of JK TYRE SONA 1 TRACTOR REAR is Rs 2900 INR/piece. Cleaning and removal of other toxicants from the tyre is the best benefit we get with this.

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