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MRF KRISHI (Front & rear)

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KRISHI (Front & rear)

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1.3-rib design with pronounced center rib
2.Strong nylon casing
3.Continuous 3-rib


Good steering control
Self cleaning property of tyre
Better retreadability and longer tyre life


Tyres are the power to the tractors, only if they are compatible and fits with strength, they can add value to the tractors. Without tyres, a tractor is not functional, this is the intensity of importance of having a tractor. Tractor tyres of MRF KRISHI are one of the best tyres and best known, these tyres are comfortable for long rides and field operations. The intricate design of these tyres are so different and attractive that their usability and functionalities multiply within the time. The tractor tyre model of this type is available in sizes 13.6-26 8-16 12.4-24. The tyre has a strong nylon casing with 3 rib design with pronounced centre ribs. The price of MRF KRISHI is worth Rs 19806*.

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