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MRF Tractor Trailer - 707

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Tractor Trailer - 707

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1.Unique tread design
2.Cut resistant thead compound



6 years from the month of Manufacturing on the tyre, Pro-rata, Upto 85 % of Tread depth

If someone wants a unique tread design tyre then having a MRF tractor trailer is a great treat for them. The tyre comes with 6 years of warranty from the manufacturing of it. The benefit of using the tyre for a string tractor is that it has all the features and perfect dimensions that makes it good to go over the field. The most important thing about this tyre is that it is cut resistant and has better grip over the soil, which helps the tractor to make an easy movement. The deal price of the MRF tractor trailer is worth Rs 9227. The tractor tyre of MRF Tractor Trailer 707 is an ideal choice to have for any tractors so that it can easily move and ride in the farm field.

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