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Recently Asked Question about VST shakti Tractor Implements:

The different primary tillage implements are plough, harrow, etc.
The different primary and secondary tillage implements are rotavator, cultivator, plough, harrow, etc.
The importance of tillage implements is that it influences crop production mainly through crop establishment, modification of soil structure, incorporation of fertilizer and soil amendments, and weed control.
The functions of Tillage Implements are Managing crop residue, Preparing a seedbed, Incorporating amendments, and Controlling weeds.
The tools used in secondary tillage are harrows, rollers and pulverizers, rotary tillers, tools for mulching and fallowing, cage wheels, etc
At tractorgyan, you can find tillage implements in India.
Type of primary and secondary tillage implements you can find at tractorgyan are rotavator, cultivator, plough, harrow, and so on.
At tractorgyan, you can find the updated price for tillage implements.
60+ Tillage implements models you can find at TractorGyan.
Tillage implements price in India starts from Rs. 15000.
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About Tillage Implements In India:-

Equipment for tractors is what subsidy is for farmers. They help in increasing the functionality of the tractor. Implements such as Primary tillage implements and secondary tillage Implements increases the productivity of the tractor.

Primary tillage typically means preparing the land for the seeds to be sown after the previous cultivation, it includes removing the residuals of previous crops and much more. while secondary tillage takes place after primary tillage. Secondary tillage is used for reducing clod size, controlling weeds, application of fertilizers, peddling and overall maintaining the crops.

To say the least, primary tillage involves all the functions which are necessary to make the field ready again after the previous crop, and Secondary tillage involves all the functions that are responsible for protecting the crop literally through the core which is soil.


Objectives of Tillage Implements:-

Tillage has a variety of functions to perform, but overall both kind of tillage implements that are primary and secondary tillage implements are essential for getting the land ready for seeds to be sown

.The objectives of both primary tillage implements and secondary tillage implements are as follows:

  • Reduce soil strength

  • Rearranges aggregates

  • Cover plant material

  • To kill insects and pests

  • Improves the condition of the soil and helps to prepare a seedbed

  • Manipulates farm residuals and helps in getting rid of farm waste.

  • Regulates the water and oxygen levels in the soil by breaking the upper layer.

  • Helps in controlling weed and pests, insects, etc. that exists in the soil.

  • Helps in establishing a surface layer that prevents wind and soil from erosion.

To sum it up primary tillage equipment and secondary tillage equipment are responsible for getting the soil ready for seeds to be sown into, it includes from mixing the soil enough that enough aeration can happen.


Types of Tillage implements In India:-

There are mainly two types of tillage equipment they are:

  • Primary Tillage Implements:-  Primary tillage include equipment that is used after the last harvesting or is the first step in planting any crop.  

  • Secondary Tillage Implements:- Secondary tillage implements are used after the primary tillage implements. The main objective of secondary tillage is to spread fertilizers, grind soil in small pieces, control pests, level the soil, and so on.

Some of the most loved Primary Tillage Implements and secondary tillage implements are:

  • Rotavator: Rotavator a tillage tool is one of the most cost and fuel-efficient implement. An implement that is drawn by a tractor, is used for seedbed preparation. A rotavator is capable of preparing seedbeds within just one or two rounds. Secondarily Rotavators are also used for removing and mixing particles of maize, wheat, sugarcane, and more such crops, for improving soil health.

  • Harrow: Harrow as a tractor implement is used to clean up, by pulverizing the soil, breaking up crop residues, and removing weeds and seed covering.  Harrow secondary tillage tools are one of the oldest agricultural tools, earlier made of wood and now Harrows have taken the form of mechanical machines made of metal.

  • Plough: Plough as a tractor implement is used to prepare the farming land right before the seeds are supposed to be sown, it is used to make the farm seed-ready by turning the soil. A plough, a primary tillage tool may have a wooden, iron, or steel frame with a blade attached to it which is used to cut through the soil to loosen it.

  • Cultivator: The cultivator, is a tractor implement that is used for the purpose of secondary tillage. Cultivator secondary tillage equipment uses their teeth to pierce through the soil around the crop and stir it, to eliminate weeds and promote growth.

  • Power Tillers: Power Tillers are responsible for preparing the soil, sowing the seeds, planting seeds, applying or spraying fertilizers, and herbicides, and watering the crops. Additionally, Power tiller also help in pumping water, harvesting crops, as well as threshing and transporting crops. A power tiller is suitable when the land is small.


Tillage implements price in India in 2024:-

Even thorough the pricing of tillage implements depends upon a variety of factors such as market environment, latest trends, and primary players of the market. The primary tillage equipment and secondary tillage equipment pricing also varies from company to company, as well as the features that it offers.
The tractor tillage implements pricing in India starts from approximately Rs. 22000/- onwards. Meaning that it can be afforded by farmers coming from every kind of economic background.

The Primary tillage implements are a very crucial part of farming, therefore, it becomes very natural for these tractor implements to be priced at a low price so that everyone can afford these implements.


Tractor Gyan: The place where you can find everything about Primary and Secondary Tillage implements:

Tractor Gyan is the best place to go when you want to know more about primary tillage implements and secondary tillage implements. There is information about more than 160 tillage implements all from prestigious companies such as John Deere, Kubota, Shaktiman, VST, Sonalika, Fieldking, Landforce and so many more, because  Tractor Gyan has all the A to Z information about Primary Tillage implements as well as Secondary Tillage implements, which are universal with all types of tractors belonging to the renown tractor companies of India.

For more information regarding the world of Farming, keeps visiting Tractor Gyan and never miss out on anything important.

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