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Cellestial tractors in India are e-mobile and serve in society as green tractor manufacturers. They are the best example of Innovation. Here are three types of tractors having 27 HP, 35 HP and 55 HP of the tractors. The price of these tractors starts from Rs 5.00 Lac* . Cellestial tractors have an electric circuit control unit. These tractors have rechargeable and swappable batteries with modular sensors and wireless integration. These tractors are best for sustainability. The tractors are constructed highly on emission regulations. Cellestial tractors have been designed as a modular ones. These are the vehicles based on utility and capacity.

tractor hp HP:- 27
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- NA
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 1200 Kg
tractor hp HP:- 35
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- NA
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 1860 Kg
tractor hp HP:- 55
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- NA
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 4000 Kg

Cellestial Tractor Series in India

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About Cellestial E mobility Tractor Price in India 2022

Cellestial E Mobility tractor is an Indian automobile company and they are the first manufacturer of Electric Tractors. Their aim is to change the tractor market in India by manufacturing innovative tractors that increase sustainability and efficiency.

Cellestial tractors run on an electric battery which does not emit any pollution. Their first product Cellestial 6 HP electric tractor was a success with a maximum power of 18 HP and 53 NM peak torque. Cellestial electric tractor Price are very budget-friendly with a range of upto 5 lacs. They are very affordable and their tractor price is in the same range as diesel engine tractors.

History of Cellestial E mobility tractors in India

Siddhartha Durairajan founder and CEO of Hyderabad based Cellestial E mobility Pvt Ltd. Cellestial E mobility tractors are the newcomer in the tractor market and the first one in E tractor. It was started in May 2019 and raised upto 1.5 crore funding by Singapore based investor.

Its co-founder Vinod Moudgil has 30 years of experience in the tractor industry. Syed Mubasheer Ali co-founder has 23 years of experience in advanced battery technology. Other co-founders Midhun Kumar also has 16 years of experience in the casting machining and fabrication expertise tractor manufacturing industry. Cellestial e mobility tractors come with features like power inversion, battery swap, an advanced braking system and a battery that can be charged through an AC outlet.

Series and models of Cellestial tractors in India:

27 HP tractor

27 HP tractor is one of the most common tractors. It comes in six colours Which can be chosen by the farmer. It is an E tractor that comes with a battery of 150 Ah. Its normal recharging time takes upto six hours and with turbo mode, it takes up to two hours.

A fully charged battery takes up to 75 km and its maximum speed is 20 km. This tractor produces a maximum power of 13.5 KW. It’s ground clearance 420 mm. Its pulling capacity is 1.2 tons.

One of the interesting facts is a normal diesel tractor engine takes upto 150 rupees of fuel in an hour while this electric tractor takes up to 20 to 35 rupees per hour. Its price is below 5 lacs.

35 HP tractor

 It is a 40 HP tractor which also comes in 6 colours. It has almost the same mechanism as the 27 HP tractor but increases in power and lifting capacity.

Its ground clearance is 210 mm. Maximum power of 21kw and maximum speed turf 25 kmh.The maximum range is 75 km with a 150 Amah battery. Its pulling capacity is 1.86 tonne and can be reversed at 2500 rpm. Its recharge time takes upto 6 hrs while fast mode takes upto 2 hrs.

It’s also had an intelligence unit with a braking system and steering system. It’s also had a display screen which helps to troubleshoot problems.

55 HP Tractor

It’s is 55 HP tractor which comes in 6 various colours. This one is the biggest and the most powerful tractor in the E tractor category which can pull upto 4 tons.

Its ground clearance is 440 mm and maximum power turning radius of 3.1 metres. Its maximum speed is 30 kmph and maximum power upto 40kW. This tractor battery is 400 Amh and rechargeable time upto 4 hours and in fast mode upto 1 hour.

Comparing all three tractors this model has the highest power, speed and battery but it takes the lowest time to recharge it. Single time charge can take up to 75 km. It has also the same features as the above tractors like intelligence unit for power and steering system.

USP of Cellestial E mobility Tractors

· Cellestial e mobility unveils  noise-free and pollution-free tractors..

· Cellestial electric tractor price are comparatively less than the diesel engine tractor with the same power and hydraulic capacity.

· Cellestial electric vehicle Maintenance costs and running costs are very low compared to diesel engines.

· Wireless Steering system with the diagnostic fuse box.

· Advanced Breaking system which is frictionless.

· Cellestial E mobility tractors batteries are swappable.

What is the price for Cellestial tractors in India in 2022?

Cellestial E mobility tractors are E tractors so most people think their price is high but Cellestial e mobility tractor price comes in a range of 5 Lacs. It is astounding that it is a very cheap E motor engine compared to others E-cars which are very costly. Compared to diesel engine it is very low cost.

Is there any YouTube videos for Cellestial tractors in India?

You can check on our YouTube channel for more information and knowledge about the Cellestial electric tractor and will definitely help you to sort out any problems regarding E tractors. Here we have made cellestial electric tractor videos which will help you to get clear cut ideas about cellestial tractor price, range, battery durability and specifications.

Financial Loan for Cellestial tractors in India

If you are buying a tractor and have financial problems then don’t worry Tractor Gyan will help you to buy a tractor and its equipment’s. Tractor Gyan will guide you to about Cellestial electric tractor loan with low interest and a maximum period of time. Here we have an EMI calculator to get a clear idea and updates regarding subsidiaries given by the government.

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