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Recently Asked Question about Combine Harvester Tractor Implements

What is the use of a combine harvester?

A combine harvester is a multi-functioning machine that does all four harvesting processes, i.e., reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing, in one go.

What is the combine harvester price in India?

The combine harvester price starts from Rs. 15,000 to 27.00 lakhs*.

How many acres can a combine harvest in a day?

The average speed of the combine is 4 miles per hour. We are able to harvest between 50 and 100 acres in one day.

Which is the best combine harvester in India?

The best combine harvesters in India are Fieldking multi-crop harvesters, Shaktiman paddy master 3776, and Kartar 4000.

Where can you find the latest Combine harvester models in India?

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest combine harvester models in India.

Which is the best Combine harvester brand in India?

The best Combine Harvester Brands in India are Dasmesh, Preet, Claas, Kartar, and many more.

Is a subsidy available on the purchase of Combine Harvester?

The amount of subsidy and process can change area-wise, to know more about Combine Harvester subsidy you can visit tractorgyan.com.

Where can you find an updated Combine harvester price list in India?

At Tractorgyan you can find an updated Combine harvester price list.

How many types of Combine Harvester are available?

Mainly There are 3 types of combine harvesters: self-propelled combine harvester, track combine harvester, and a tractor-mounted combine harvester.

What is the most powerful Combine Harvester?

The most powerful combine is the New Holland Sugar Cane Harvester Austoft 8000 with 358 HP.

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About Tractor Combine Harvester

A tractor combine harvester is an agricultural implement tool that is specifically designed to harvest a wide variety of grains and crops. It helps farmers to make farming less tedious by combining several essential functions into a single machinery. 

For farmers who grow grain on their farms, harvest season is one of the most critical times of the year. Combine harvester assists farmers during harvesting and helps them to save time and effort by combining threshing, cleaning, and grain separation operations.   

The tractor combine machine has a horsepower of 50 Hp -70 Hp. The combine harvester price starts at Rs. 20.20 Lakh* and reaches Rs. 27.00 Lakhs*. 

Specifications and Features of Tractor Combine Harvester in India

  1. The combine harvester is another name for the cutting-gathering element, which is made to remove the grain with the least amount of straw. Grain heads are removed from the cylinder by rubbing them against a concave surface.

  2. Different forms of replaceable heads combined in a harvester make it easier to harvest various crops, which gradually boosts output and boosts farming's profitability.

  3. It can be utilized on a variety of terrains, including dry and wet ones. To make it easier to wade over flooded fields to harvest rice, they can be equipped with tracks.

  4. Compact combine harvesters are appropriate for the agrarian conditions in India, where farms tend to be smaller, and the types of terrain might vary considerably.

Benefits of Combine Harvester Tractor 

Tractor combine harvester in India is a great farming tool that makes farming quick and hassle-free for farmers on multiple fronts.

  • The overall productivity of the farmers rises with the help of combine harvester tractors because they don’t have to use separate machines. With one machine, they can handle threshing, cutting, and grain separation. 

  • Combine harvester cuts down on the labour force, time, and effort required for harvesting because it automates harvesting and related activities.

  • A combine harvester tool can handle high grain yields. Farmers can easily harvest large patches of crops. 

  • Some of the advanced tractor combine harvester implements come with cutting-edge technologies that help farmers treat delicate seeds more gently. Seeds are not crushed and broken. 

  • Using the tractor combine machine prevents grain loss from crop manual cutting, crop tying for hauling, harvest transport, and insufficient threshing. This approach shows a yield improvement of 5% to 10%

  • They can be equipped with tracks to boost efficiency and make it easier to maneuver in fields with standing water.

Types of Combine Harvester

In India, many types of combine harvest are available in the market so that farmers with different farming needs are well taken care of. 

Multi-Crop Combine Harvester: This type of combine harvester in India is designed to be versatile and can harvest various kinds of crops. They have flexible headers and settings so that a variety of crops are harvested effectively. 

Self-Propelled Combine Harvester:  A self-propelled combine harvester has an engine and is capable of moving independently. It is compatible to handle large, commercial farms effectively.

Tractor-Mounted Combine Harvester:  This combine harvester machine can connect to a tractor and requires less power to operate. They’re highly versatile and perfect for small-scale farmers.

Mini Combine Harvester: A mini tractor combine harvester is smaller in size and is suitable for small to medium-sized farms. It’s perfect for handling crops like soybeans and other smaller grains.

Track Combine Harvester: A track combine harvester is equipped with tracks instead of wheels. This is why it’s suitable for challenging terrain or conditions. 

Components of Combine Harvester

As a combine harvester tool that handles many farming activities, it has many components. Tractor Unit: The tractor unit of a combine tractor machine supplies power and mobility. It is responsible for propelling the machine through the field. 

  • Header: Combine harvester tractor implement header is the front attachment and it cuts the standing crop. 

  • Threshing and Separation Mechanism: Tractor combine harvester in India also has a threshing and separation mechanism that separates the grains from the rest of the plant. 

  • Cleaning System: Combine harvester tractor has a cleaning system that effectively removes the impurities from the grains. It features a cleaning shoe and tailings return. 

  • Grain Tank: Grain tanks of a tractor combine harvester collect the cleaned grain. 

  • Straw Chopper and Spreader: The straw chopper and spreader of a combine harvester tool is useful to chop the straw and chaff into small pieces. 

  • Power Unit: The power unit of a tractor combine harvester features an engine or power source to drive other components like header, threshing and separation system, and cleaning system.

How to Choose the Right Combine Harvester? 

Choosing the right agriculture combine harvester is possible if farmers keep certain things in mind. 

  • They should buy combine harvester only after understanding the type of crop they’re harvesting. For example, wheat, rice, and maize combine harvesters have specific adaptations for those crops. Ensure the combine you select is compatible with the primary crops you cultivate.

  • Farmers should pay attention to the farmingfield conditions before buying a combine harvester online. Different fields will need different types of harvester. For instance, wet or uneven fields require an agricultural combine harvester with tracks. A self-propelled combine harvester with rubber tracks is perfect for soft soil. 

  • Farmers need to know about the size of their fields and layout when they plan to buy combine harvester. Larger fields require self-propelled combines, while smaller fields require a mini combine harvester.

  • We recommend you analyze the expected yield of your crops and purchase a combine harvester online that has a capacity that matches or exceeds your anticipated harvesting needs. 

  • Never buy combine harvester without knowing the tractor combine harvester price. Compare the prices and select a model that fits into your budget. 

What is the Combine Harvester Price in India in 2024?

The tractor combine harvester price in India starts from around Rs.20.20 lakh* to 27.00 lakh* in India.

Why Choose Tractor Gyan to Buy the Best Combine Harvester Machine? 

Tractor combine harvester in India is an important farming machine for farmers. But, it has many components and there are many types of combine harvester, so farmers need to pay attention to tons of aspects. 

For instance, they need to know about tractor combine harvester prices in India, available models of combine harvester for sale, and features of a combine harvester machine. 

Tractor Gyan brings all this information to farmers. On this platform, farmers can easily compare combine harvester online, check out combine harvester prices, and make a wise decision.