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Combine harvester is a multi-functioning machine that does all four harvesting processes i.e. reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing in one go. Hence working as a boon for farmers. Combine harvester has made the most energy utilizing and time taking work of the whole agriculture process into the most hassle-free and labour free process. Combine harvesters don’t only save time but also reduces the dependency of farmers on labours hence making the whole process of harvesting easier and hassle-free for the farmer. Hence, becoming one of the most favourite implements of the farmers. Price of Combine Harvester: Rs. 16.00-35.00 Lacs*

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Recently Asked Question about Combine Harvester Tractor Implements:

There are three types of Combine harvester are available: Track Self-propelled Tractor mounted.
Combine Harvester in India are available from Rs. 80000 to 25 Lakh*.
Top companies for Combine Harvester in India are Dasmesh, Preet, Claas, Kartar, and many more.
The machine had better not harvest the grain after the rain or during rain for it may cause the block of the harvester and increase the grain loss.
There is a minimum 50 HP requirement for Combine harvester.
Combine harvesters are available in the range of approx 7-15 feet.
Amount of subsidy and process can change by area wise, to know more about subsidy you can visit
If you want to know about any brand of Laser land leveler, you can visit, where you will get complete information like price, features and many more about Combine Harvester.

tractorgyan offeringsTractorGyan Offerings

Combine harvester implement in India, as the name suggest helps in harvesting and plantation of various grain crops and pulses. It is also known as the harvest that combines all the activities for harvesting that can be easily done through a harvester. Reaping, threshing, gathering, and winnowing are the other activities that a harvester can do easily. These are four separate and most important harvesting techniques that can be used and practiced for making these harvesters great equipment to be used.

Combine harvester in India are the most economical and the most affordable tractor implements in India as they help in combining the various harvesting activities by using the perfect assistance of mechanized equipment that reduces manual efforts and increases the chances of great productivity. These implements are very cheap to use and economical to afford, moreover, it reduces the labour and mankind used in agriculture to the degree of a fraction. What a framer can do alone by investing a lot of time and effort can now be easily done with the help of a combined harvester in India.

The combined harvester brings in all the opportunities for a farmer to carry on the widespread activity of the farmer across the region so that the farmer can easily carry out his operation with no issues in time, efforts and labour. The crops that are harvested with a combined harvester include wheat, oats, rice, rye, barley, corn, and sorghum that are all chopped and spread all over the field with limited chances of them getting destroyed and spoiled in the ground.

Various crops like wheat, barley are good and rich sources of nutrients that our body needs. These crops are edible yet not consumed directly, the coating above the seeds or grain of wheat and barley that we have needs to be removed manually in earlier days. This was done through the process of threshing. With the growing times and advancement in technology and modern methods now threshing is not carried out manually rather the combine harvester is used to harvest the crops, from collecting to cleaning everything is smartly mechanized and done through the help of tractor implements in India. The combine harvester is no doubt a key invention of the modern era as it saves time and effort both of a farmer.

What are the benefits of using a Combine harvester in India?

If its tractor implements are a much-used ad in demand by the farmers then it is likely to have great benefits. The combine harvester is more than what it does, it not only harvest the farm and agriculture but also helps in many other ways, read ahead to know its quick and smart benefits which propel the framer to purchase it.

Best replacement of manpower -

Combine harvester is the best replacement of the labour that would cost another penny in hiring for a farmer. When you can sue a harvester, the ned of manually monitoring and carrying out harvesting activities reduces to zero and thus a  harvester is the best replacement of labour. Due to urbanization, many people from rural are shifting to urban and thus, in this scenario employing someone is not possible thus, a harvester compensates for all the struggles of a farmer.

High productivity -

When farmers start using the harvesters to harvest the crop and their farm, the productivity of crops and grain increases gradually. Using a harvester that works throughout the farms with very ease and convenience is always a great source of productivity. It ensures high productivity at any cost. 

Effective on mountainous regions too -

Some tractor implements can only be used on a plain and fertile land, whereas combine harvesters can be used in mountainous regions as well. The harvester goes throughout the field with utmost effectiveness and ease. The fact remains that the harvester works best for hilly and mountainous regions without exploiting the efforts of a farmer.

Removal of crop residues -

Did you know that the harvester is effective in removing the chaff and the straws from the field? Yes, it probably removes the crop residues in the tidiest and effective way, cleaning the entire farmland and leaving behind no dirt and residuals. 

What is the price of a combined harvester in India?

Depending on the HP of various harvesters the prices vary from each other. The harvesters used by framers nowadays are more often used on a daily basis and thus are the most important tractor implement however, the cost of it is much affordable and reasonable for them. Combine harvester prices in India can be obtained through the Tractor Gyan website where we have detailed and accurate pice of knowledge about the harvesters. You can definitely know everything and anything about the prices for the combine harvester through our website.

It is very essential to enquire about the harvester’s specifications and prices before you buy it, seeking information is the first step of making a healthy purchase. Keep in mind to always opt for the best brand that offers quality harvester within your budget, if you want a hassle-free harvester all equipped with great parts and excellent in its performance then do visit Tractor Gyan, we have a complete list of popular and highly in a demand combine harvester, that will reduce your work and give you more productivity, indeed.

Where to purchase the combine harvester from? 

Combine harvester in India is not a rocket science implement that needs to be searched here and there, these implements are easily available at Tractor Gyan at much affordable rates and prices. The complete detail of the harvester is provided herewith with accuracy in research and information abstraction. The harvester makes work and labour cost almost negligible fr a framer hence it is the most useful and resourceful tractor implement in India that every framer desires to have. Keeping in mind the demand and dependency of a framer on a combined harvester, prices for these harvesters are set to be affordable and cost-efficient in every manner. If you are an onlooker, who’s rigorously hunting for the harvesters in India then hurry up and purchase a harvester that fits your budget. Visit Tractor Gyan soon.

These are the popular Combine Harvester Brands in India 2022 are Mahindra, John Deere, Sonalika, New Holland, VST Shakti, Indo farm, Solis

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