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Cooling System

Water With Coolant

Wheel Base

2020 MM

Lifting Capacity

1470kg - 1850 kg

Engine Cylinder


The Eicher 557 tractor is one of the company's most popular models. Eicher 557 tractor comes with 50 horsepower. The Eicher 557 engine has a 3300 CC capacity and three cylinders with an RPM of 2200. Single or Dual Clutch (optional) on the Eicher 557 Tractor ensures smooth and easy operation. The steering type of the Eicher 557 tractor is Power Steering, which provides easy control and quick reaction. Multi-Plate Oil Immersed Brakes on the tractor give excellent grip and reduce slippage. It features a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1470-1850 kg* (which can be adjusted depending on hitch position) and a 45-litre fuel tank. The Eicher 557 ranges in price from Rs. 7.65 lakhs to Rs. 7.95 lakhs*. This tractor is fitted with a number of innovative features that aid in farm production.

History of Eicher Tractors in India

Eicher formed the Eicher Tractor Corporation of India Private Ltd. in 1959 with the Goodearth Company of New Delhi, India, and began producing Eicher tractors in India in 1960. That company sold the tractor business to TAFE, a company based in India that continues to manufacture Eicher tractors.

Joseph and Albert Eicher built the first Eicher tractor in the 1930s in the Bavarian town of Forstern, near Munich. It marked the start of a period of significant growth for Eicher'sForstern and Dingolfing factories.In the 1960s, Eicher began producing a light truck, which was eventually produced by Magirus-Deutz as well.

Eicher tractor is an advanced approach tractor that boosts farm production. The Eicher 333 Super DI, Eicher 242, Eicher 380, Eicher 557 and other popular Eicher Tractor models are listed below. Eicher Mini Tractor models include the 242, 188, and 241 XTRAC, among others.

In the commercial use industry, the Eicher 557 utility tractor is the most popular. It has earned the reputation of being the greatest tractor for agricultural and commercial use. To know about Eicher 557 let’s discuss its feature in detail.

Features of Eicher 557 Tractor

  • Eicher 557 works well with rotavator, cultivator, spraying, hauling, sowing, reaper, separating, and a variety of crops such as grapes, groundnuts, cotton, and castor. 

  • The Eicher 557 is equipped with an 8 forward + 2 reverse gearbox. It can effortlessly raise heavy implements because to its lifting capabilities of 1470-1850 kg. Oil bath type, Oil Immersed Brakes, and 42.5 PTO HP are some of the features available on the Eicher tractor 557.

  • The Eicher 557 tractor has sophisticated features such as Multi Disc Oil Immersed Brakes, a larger radiator, and a strong 3 cylinders, 3300 cc engine that delivers 50 HP at 2150 RPM. 

  • The Eicher 557 tractor provides great performance, never-before-seen features, versatility, and high reliability in every activity, making it ideal for use throughout India. Engine with up to 15% to 20% torque backup is also a unique feature. Eicher 557 is available in two different versions.

  • The tractor's on-road and off-road capabilities are well-known. Buyers utilise this tractor for both agricultural and commercial uses. 

  • The rear tyre, also known as the power tyre, is available in a size of 16.9 X 28 inches, while the front tyre, also known as the steer tyre, is available in a size of 7.5 X 16 inches. 

  • The Eicher 557 comes with ADDC Hydraulic Control, which improves lifting performance. With simple maintenance and a fuel-efficient engine, this feature-rich tractor helps to give optimum output while still keeping expenses low.

Special features of Eicher 557 Tractor

  • The Eicher 557 steering system is a power steering system.
  • From the factory, the Eicher 557 can be equipped with a drawbar, tow hook, and waggon hitch.
  • The Eicher 557 has eight front gears and two rear gears.
  • The Eicher 557 tractor is equipped with a double-clutch, making it simple to use in any agricultural operation.
  • The Eicher 557 tractor has a wheelbase of 2020 mm and is a full-sized tractor.
  • The tractor has a ground clearance of 385 mm and weighs 2410 kilogrammes.
  • The Eicher 557 has modern features for the convenience of farmers and operators. Adjustable chairs, bright lighting, and a slew of other modern amenities are among them.

What is the price of Eicher 577 tractor in India?

The Eicher 557 is priced between Rs. 6.65 and Rs. 6.90 lakh* on the road. The Eicher 557 Tractor HP is a 50 horsepower tractor that is very inexpensive. The Eicher 557's design aids the farmer's farming activity and with minimal price range.

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Review By: Satya     24-10-2020


Very Good tractor for Indian former & AGRICULTURE. MOST powerful tractor for Indian agriculture.

Review By: Kamta     17-09-2020


Review By: Mettina     24-07-2020


This is a very good tractor. I am using this tractor for 4 months. It can be used for all farm applications. It has a very nice lifting and fuel tank capacity. It can be driven easily on rocky roads. It has a very comfortable driver seat.



HP: 35

Cylinder: 3

Lifting Capicity: 1500 KG

HP: 35

Cylinder: 3

Lifting Capicity: 1200 kg

HP: 35

Cylinder: 3

Lifting Capicity: 1500 Kg

HP: 35

Cylinder: 3

Lifting Capicity: 1500 KG


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Recently Asked Question About Eicher 557 Tractor:

Yes, You can buy Eicher 557 tractor on EMI option. You check EMI options, monthly / Quarterly / or seasonal EMI at EMI calculator.
Yes, Tractor subsidy is available in every state of India. Amount of subsidy can change state by state according to the State government rules. To know more about tractor subsidy you can check Tractor subsidy.
Lifting capacity of this tractor is 1470kg - 1850 kg.
Fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 45 Lit liters
Discounts and offers are provided by dealers which change time by time.
You can visit tractorgyan news & blog section to get latest updates of the tractor industry.
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