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With the help of Apollo DHRUV, it's easy for a farmer to move the tractor in a field and use different kinds of implements.

This tractor tyre is compatible with leading tractor models of brands like Mahindra, Sonalika, John Deere, New Holland, and many more. It comes at an affordable price and is easily available all over India. Buying this tractor tyre is a great decision for agriculture and commercial farmers. TractorGyan provides updated information related to Apollo DHRUV prices, Apollo DHRUV features, and Apollo DHRUV warranty.

Why is Apollo DHRUV the Best Tyre in India?

  • Apollo DHRUV can provide traction that a tractor requires to move and operate in various types of fields like uneven fields and wet farms.
  • This tractor tyre is designed to carry heavy loads without any hassle. Farmers can attach compatible implements with the tractor using this tractor tyre and use them.
  • Apollo DHRUV is prepared using modern engineering and distributes the tractor weight equally. Because of this, soil compaction is low and soil structure is maintained.  
  • This tyre absorbs the shocks from uneven ground and provides a better and more comfortable ride experience.
  • Apollo DHRUV is built with premium quality materials and can operate in rough farming conditions without any issues.
  • It supports all sorts of farming tasks such as ploughing, seeding, mulching, and harvesting.

What is the Apollo DHRUV Price in India in 2024?

The Apollo DHRUV price is affordable and fully justified, seeing the features and benefits it offers to its users. Farmers can check the updated Apollo DHRUV price in India on TractorGyan. Here, you can learn about tractor tyre prices, their features, and other related information under one roof, saving time & effort.

Apollo DHRUV Features & Specifications

This tractor tyre comes with a strong casing that makes it durable. The tread design of Apollo DHRUV is suitable for all farming and commercial-related tasks. It has a mud-shaker feature to keep the tyre clean during operation. 

How to Maintain a Apollo DHRUV?

Farmers can increase the life of a tractor tyre if they follow the below-mentioned tractor tyre maintenance tips.

  • Check the tyre regularly and replace or fix it if you see any signs of cuts, damage, and punters.
  • The tyre must have proper pressure so that any kind of damage is avoided.
  • Never carry the load beyond the recommended limit. Overloading makes tyres easily damaged and increases the risk of blowouts.

How can TractorGyan help you buy Apollo DHRUV in India?

TractorGyan is a leading online platform that provides information on tractors, implements, tyres, and more in India. It also helps farmers to know about updated Apollo DHRUV prices, features, warranties, and specifications. This information can help you make a wise decision and get an ideal tractor tyre on an affordable budget.

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