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होम | ट्रैक्टर टायर| सभी टायर | Apollo Tyres| Apollo KRISHAK GOLD -STEER


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1.High non skid depth
2.Strong structure
3.Cut and puncture resistant rubber compound


1.Provides extra mileage
2.Enhances tyre life and provides increased retreadibility
3.Enables trouble-free service


Apollo tyre brand has kept the market amused and amazed with its mind blowing quality and user friendly functionalities. The Apollo KRISHAK GOLD STEER tyre has a high non-skid depth that also provides high retreadability and enhances the tyre life with great durability. The tyre helps the tractor to get an extra mileage and better efficiency over the rides. Farmers do not get troubled with these tyre issues, instead the tyre is self sufficient for cleaning and removal of tough stains and muddy elements over it. The price of Apollo KRISHAK GOLD STEER is just like the other Apollo tractor tyres, reasonable and easily affordable to have.

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