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Birla Shaan (Front)

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Shaan (Front)

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1.Notch shoulder rib for better stability
2.Suitable for both haulage & agriculture
3.Longer life & more mileage
4.Better grip in soil



Any vehicle that gives best mileage is a;ways the most preferred, as it saves the cost and other expenses over it. The tyre has a longer life and extreme durability with extra and amazing mileage, that provides more efficiency in riding over the rugged farms or rough lands. The Birla Shaan tyre is best in application for both haulage and agricultural activities. Moreover, the tyre is cut resistant that keeps cut and harsh lines away from the tyre, eliminating the unnecessary expenses on it. The tyre too has a smooth channel for self cleaning and better dusting. This makes the farmer more stress-free and easy on having a tractor with amazing tyres of Birla Shaan.

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