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BKT BK 208

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BK 208

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1.BK 208 is suitable for transport applications on trailers and light trucks. 2. It is a considerably durable and reliable tire for both in-the-field and on-the-road usage.



BKT BK 208 is most suitable and appropriate for trailers and light trucks, it balances out with both the structure and body interior of the tractors making them the best and most efficient in use. The best part about the tractor tyre of BKT BK 208 is that it is adjusted in the toughest of the fields and pushes itself to an extent that the tractor drive becomes robust and steer control becomes more efficeint. The tyre is of a dignified and best quality with superb capability of adding more power to the tractor performance. The tyre is considered to be durable and reliable for both in field and on the road usage. The price of BK 208 is affordable and cost-effective.

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