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1.BK 308 has been specially designed for trailers and utility tractors.
2.It features excellent traction on all surfaces and tread tie bars to reduce tread groove cracking.


The strong casing provides excellent .durability and puncture resistance whereas the special tread compound ensures a longer service life.


The size of the tyre is available in the sizes of 6.50 - 20. The BKT BK308 tractor tyre is specially and uniquely designed for the trailers and utility tractor, that are used for all kinds of farm agricultural and other haulage applications. The tyre gives excellent traction on all the surfaces and treads the tyre tier bars to reduce the tread groove cracking. The best thing about this tyre is that it gives best performances on field and minimizes the work of the farmers and multiplies the productivity of them. The price of BK 308 is quite affordable and easy to undue.

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