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Ceat AAYUSHMAAN Tractor Front

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AAYUSHMAAN Tractor Front

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1. 3- Rib design with solid centre rib makes for confident handling
2. Puncture pad in grooves provides good resistance against punctures


1. Cut-resistant
2. Confident Handling
3. Long Tyre Life


5years from the date of manufacture or till the tyre tread is worn upto Tread Wear Indicators (TWI) whichever is earlier, irrespective of kilometre covered

The tyre has an exceptionally well designed 3 rib impression with a rib in the middle of it. These ribs help the tyre and tractor get better smooth in the rides. CEAT AAYUSHMAAN PLUS Tractor Front gives confident handling to the tractor, that is always safe and secure for the driver. The tyre also has puncture pads that resist any kind of puncture in the tyre creating havoc and stress in day field works. The tyre is also resistant to the strong and rigid mudd that covers up the tyre and doesn't reflex up the movement of it with ease and comfort. The price of CEAT AAYUSHMAAN PLUS Tractor Front tyre is very economical and affordable in range, when tyre is economical tractor purchasing becomes more easy.

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