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jk tyre

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1.Consecutive 3 rib design2.Centre based rib design with better compound 3.A different type of window design (specially made for thread protection)Strong nylon casing


1.Good steering control
2.Long tyre life
3.Impressive design, external damage protection and extended tyre life
More reliable casing


The tyre is available in sizes 6.00-16, which is very flexible and functionally well to use on the fields. The JK TYRE SONA-1 TRACTOR FRONT has a good steering control and better management which makes the driver enjoy the ride, the tyre is durable and impressive in its design and body structure. The life of these tyres are extended and durable and also has an external damage protection layer over the tyre that keeps it good in condition and better in looks. The tyre is more reliable in casing and efficient in running over the fields. The tractor tyre has all that functions and features that makes it consecutive in use and productivity. The rib design of this tractor also makes it one of the best tractor The price of JK TYRE SONA-1 TRACTOR FRONT

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