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MRF Shakti HR Lug (REAR)

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Shakti HR Lug (REAR)

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1.Unique lug design
2.Broader lugs
3.Strong casing
4.More road contact area


1.Better penetration into soil
2.Self cleaning property of tyre
3.More area ploughed per hour
4.Longer tyre life
5.Better retreadablility


The MRF Shakti HR Lug tyre model of this category has been surviving long under market dominance. The tyre has a unique lug design, broader lugs having a storing casing. The benefit of having this tyre for the tractor is that it helps in penetration of the soil, additionally it also has a self -cleaning feature that reduces the efforts of farmers and helps them get more benefits out of these tractors. The MRF Shakti HR Lug has a long lasting life and an efficiency of ploughing the land per hour with utmost efficiency. The tyre has a better retreadbility that makes it incomparable and unbeatable in the competition.

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