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MRF Tractor Rear - Shakti Life

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Tractor Rear - Shakti Life

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1.Unique lug design2.Broader lugs3.Strong casing


1.Better penetration into soil
2.Self cleaning property of tyre
3.More area ploughed per hour
4.Longer tyre life
5.Better retreadablility


6 years from the month of Manufacturing on the tyre, Pro-rata, Upto 85 % of Tread depth

The size of MRF tractors rear is 8.00-18, 9.5-24, 11.2-24, 11.2-28, 12.4-24, 13.6-28, 14.9-28, 16.9-28, 16.9-30, 18.4-30, 13.6-38. The tyre is used most in the tractor because it provides penetration in the soil and makes easy and smooth movement over the field. Interestingly a lot of farmers prefer purchasing this tyre because the ploughed area by it is more per hour. No doubt, the tyre is longer in life and durable for use. The price of MRF Tractor Rear - Shakti Life is Rs 4500. The farmer would never think again to have this tyre for their tractor or not because these tyres are best in use and priced economically, that fits the budget of every one.

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