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F2 (4 RIB) (FRONT)

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1.Four rib tyre is made for tractors front application with best handling heavy load on hard surfaces.
2.Steers easily and offers excellent load distribution and flotation


All operations requiring a high level of handling. It provides high flotation capability and reduced soil compaction Excellent wear resistance. Good steering control.


The tyre is available in the following sizes of 10.00-16. The TVS F2 (4 RIB) (FRONT) provides better steers and control on the ride by offering better and excellent load distribution quality and easy floating. The four rib tyre of this quality is made up for tractor front application and is easily used and most preferred for handling heavy loads and hard surfaces. The operation of the tyre requires a high level of handling and better functioning, the tyre also has a high floatation capability and reduced soil compaction. This makes the TVS F2 (4 RIB) (FRONT) more easy to use and enriched in quality. Also, the tyre has excellent wear resistance and fuel efficiency.

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