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होम | ट्रैक्टर टायर| सभी टायर | TVS Tyres| TVS TF 01 (FRONT)


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FEATURES:TF 01 3-Rib pattern with notches on the shoulder is designed for excellent grip on rough terrains. Excellent load distribution during heavy loads.


Higher tread depth with extended tyre life Longer tyre life. Heavy duty applications


The tyre has a 3 rib design with a great pattern on it that leaves an amazing impression on the soil blend and other harvesting methods. The tyre too has the notches on the shoulder that are designed for better grip and easy movement of the tyres. The notches on the shoulder also protects the tyre from getting stuck into the hard and tough mud exteriors. The TVS TF01 is a unique innovation of innovation and customer-centric design. The tyre has an excellent load distribution, that keeps high storage over the tractor, which reduces the other stress of keeping alternate things for carrying the storages. The tyre is best suited for heavy duty applications and also has a heavy tread depth with extended tyre life. The TVS TF tyre is dynamic and durable in nature.

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