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Tractor Power Tiller in India

Power tiller price range is Rs.19,500* to Rs. 2.60 Lakh* In India 2024. The power tiller HP is between 10 HP to 30 HP. The most affordable power tiller model price starts from Rs.19,500*. Tractorgyan offers a wide range of 10+ tractor power tiller

Power tiller tractor implements are important for promoting optimal seed germination and cultivation by breaking up the clods and creating an even seedbed. Power tiller comes with the categories of Tillage and Land Preparation to perform the tasks efficiently in the field.

In India, farmers can purchase the best power tiller models like Kubota PEM140DI, VST Shakti Kisan, KMW Mega T 15, and VST Shakti 130 DI. At TractorGyan, farmers can find leading models of power tiller from leading power tiller brands such as Kubota, VST, and KMW in types like tractor-mounted power tiller, walk-behind power tiller, tractor-mounted power tiller, and front-tine power tiller.

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Recently Asked Question about Power Tiller Tractor Implements:

The best power tillers are Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra, Kirloskar Mega T 15 Power tiller, Honda FJ 500.

The power tiller price is Rs. 19,500* to Rs. 2.60 Lakh* in India.

The power tiller HP is 10 HP to 30 HP.

A Power Tiller is a two-wheeled agricultural implement fitted with rotary tillers which gives a smooth resistance to all farm activities.

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest power tiller models in India.

The best power tiller brands in India are Vst shakti, Kmw, swaraj, kubota.

The amount of subsidy and process can change by area wise, to know more about power tiller subsidy you can visit

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated power tiller price list.

Types of Power tiller - Mini Size Power tiller, Medium size power tiller, large size power tiller

While selecting a power tiller some points to keep in mind are farm size, engine type, tilling depth and width, and type of soil.

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About Tractor Power Tiller in India 2024

A power tiller is a two-wheeled farming machine equipped with rotating tillers that provide a smooth resistance to all farm tasks. It has many benefits and uses. Power tillers aid in soil preparation, seeding, planting, adding & applying fertilizers, herbicides, and water.

Additionally, it aids in grain transportation, harvesting, threshing, and water pumping. Power tiller Machines can be used on both small and large farms, although they are especially suggested for farms with limited land area or steep, uneven terrain. The power tiller price is Rs.19,500* to 2.60 Lakh* in India.

If you are looking to buy an affordable mahindra power tiller price, 7 hp power tiller price, 10 hp power tiller price, 20 hp power tiller price, 5 hp power tiller price, 8 hp mini power tiller price, kamco power tiller in india then you are at the right place.

What is the Tractor Power Tiller Price List in India 2024?

The power tiller price starts from Rs. 19,500* to 2.60 Lakh* respectively. Purchasing a tractor is far more expensive than purchasing a power tiller Machine.

Power tillers for sale on the market are available in many varieties. We have mini power tillers and large power tillers. Their costs vary depending on the features and horsepower that they provide. 

However, the power tiller price in India ranges from thousands to lakhs, depending on the manufacturer and the horsepower of the machine. 

 Power tillers Models   Power tillers Models Price 
VST Shakti 135 DI ULTRA  Rs. 1,92,000*
KMW MEGA T 12 LW Rs. 1,85,000*
Kubota PEM140DI Power Tiller  Rs. 2,20,000*
KMW MEGA T 15 Rs. 2,45,000*
Kirloskar Mega T 15 Power tiller  Rs. 2,10,000*
VST Shakti 165 DI Power Plus Rs. 2,17,000*

How to Choose the Right Power Tiller

To make sure you buy a power tiller according to your needs, keep these things in mind. 

  • Get a power tiller for sale that can handle your farming load. Consider the size of your farming land and the type of agricultural activities you need to perform. 

  • Assess the type and condition of the soil on your land. 

  • Always buy a power tiller online that has adjustable tilling depth and width options. 

  • Match the power tiller HP with the HP of your tractor. A mini tractor will require a mini tractor power tiller. 

  • Research different brands and models of tractor power tiller implements. 

  • Ask about a tractor power tiller price list in India and get a power tiller online that fits into your budget. 

Power Tiller Components

A power tiller tool is made up of different components so that it can perform its operations. 

  • It has an engine. The engine of a power tiller machine is useful to power it. It will have a transmission system. The transmission system is made up of many gears and a gearbox. Because of the transmission, a power tiller tractor will be able to move at different speeds. 

  • An agricultural power tiller will have tines or blades. This component is responsible for breaking up and turning over the soil, and preparing it for planting. 

  • Power tiller implements have a mechanism for adjusting the depth at which the tines penetrate the soil. 

  • Some types of power tillers have wheels that help in moving it easily. 

  • A PTO shaft of a tractor power tiller can transfer power to other tractor implements, such as water pumps or generators. 

Power Tiller Specification and Features

The key specifications of a power tiller tractor are as mentioned below. 

  • It has an implement power between 10HP- 30 HP. 

  • The power tiller tool engine is 3-cylinder or 4-cylinder. It may have a direct or online fuel injection system. 

  • The braking system of a power tiller implement features multiple plate dry disc type and oil-immersed brakes. 

  • The clutch of a power tiller machine is mostly multiple plate dry disc type or multi-friction disk type. 

Tractor Power Tiller Implements Benefits

  • Using a power tiller machine accelerates and perfects the preparation of seedbeds. With the aid of a power tiller, farmers can perform tasks like harrowing, leveling, ridge formation, bund construction, etc.

  • With the aid of the mower and reaper that are attached in front of it, a power tiller can also do the harvesting and reaping operations. The tiller can also be equipped with other harvesting equipment, such as a potato digger, among others.

  • Compared to tractors, power tillers use less fuel. While a tractor needs two liters of diesel to do an hour's worth of work, an agriculture power tiller just needs one.

  • When there is a severe labor shortage, power tiller implements are helpful. They can automate many farming jobs.  

  • A power tiller machine works well on a variety of terrains, including flat land, hilly terraces, fields that are submerged in water, and dry fields.

  • A power tiller tool is perfect for tiny spaces where plants are arranged in tight rows. This machine can move easily between the rows without causing damage to or harming the plants.

  •  An agricultural power tiller is easy to use and its maintenance is also hassle-free. 

Tractor Power Tiller Types

Before you plan to buy power tiller models, you need to understand the types of power tiller. 

1. Mini-Sized Power Tiller 

The mini power tiller for sale is ideal for vegetable and fruit farms. It has less tractor HP and can work on relatively soft soil that doesn't require vigorous tilling and crops that must be moved through without damaging them. The mini power tiller price in India is also super affordable.

2. Medium-Sized Power Tiller

A medium-sized power tiller tractor implement is appropriate for farms with harder, rockier soil. The rotating tines of these tillers move the machine forward.

3. Large-Sized power Tillers

Farmers with large farming land can buy a large power tiller for sale. They require high tractor HP. The wheels on these tillers move them forward, and the spinning tines are positioned in between the wheels.

Best Power Tiller in India for Sale

Here is a list of power tiller for sale models that you can purchase in India. 

This is a 13 HP power tiller with 440 KG weight. It has a 6F+2R number of gears, multiple plate dry disc type clutch, and hand-operated internal expanding metallic shoe type. The tractor vst power tiller price in India for this model is Rs 1,92,000*/piece. 

Buy the power tiller model and enjoy features like 6 Forward + 2 Reverse gears, 8-liter fuel tank, 1400 RPM torque, and 635cc displacement. The tractor power tiller price in India for this model is Rs. 1,85,000*.

This model of power tiller tractor has a Pressurized Radiator Crankshaft Driven Cooling Fan engine cooling system and its 2Stroke rotary speed. It uses an internal expansion shoe and drum-type brakes. The kubota power tiller price of this model is Rs. 2,20,000* in India. 

Farmers can buy a power tiller of this model at an affordable power tiller price of Rs 2,45,000*. This agricultural power tiller is available with features like multiple clutches, 6F+2R gears, and 15 HP power.

Why Choose TractorGyan to Buy the Best Power Tiller Machine? 

Farmers need to understand the power tiller features, power tiller prices, power tiller online models, and power tiller for sale warranty before actually making a purchase. 

This information has to be accurate and updated. TractorGyan is a reliable online platform to gather all this information. The platform offers updated information related to the power tiller price list, power weeder, kirloskar power tiller, weeder machine, rotary power tiller, mini tiller price, and power tillers for sale online. 

You can find out which models of power tiller online are available. You can compare different models and select a model that can take care of all your requirements. 

People also search for- power tiller price in Odisha and power tiller price Assam.

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