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Power tillers are the most valuable and a great invention in the agricultural field, having all kinds of utility-based properties that make them amazing and outstanding in use. Power tillers were established and invented in 1963. These power tillers are is a multipurpose hand tractor that is used primarily for rotary tilling and other small or commercial purposes. For forwarding action and the tillage operation, power tillers are best used. Seedbed operations and intercultural and wide-spaced croppings are well executed using Power tillers in India.

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Recently Asked Question about Power Tiller Tractor Implements:

The best power tillers are Vst Shakti 135 DI Ultra, Kirloskar Mega T 15 Power tiller, Honda FJ 500.

The price of a power tiller is Rs. 60,000* to Rs. 1.98 Lacs*.

The HP of a power tiller is 12 hp to 16 hp.

A Power Tiller is a two-wheeled agricultural implement fitted with rotary tillers which gives a smooth resistance to all farm activities.

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest power tiller models in India.

The best power tiller brands in India are Vst shakti, Kmw, kubota.

The amount of subsidy and process can change by area wise, to know more about power tiller subsidy you can visit

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated power tiller price list.

Types of Power tiller - Mini Size Power tiller, Medium size power tiller, large size power tiller

While selecting a power tiller some points to keep in mind are farm size, engine type, tilling depth and width, and type of soil.

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About Power Tiller

A power tiller is a two-wheeled farming machine equipped with rotating tillers that provides a smooth resistance to all farm tasks. It has many benefits and uses. Power tillers aid in soil preparation, seeding, planting, adding & applying fertilizers, herbicides, and water. Additionally, it aids in grain transportation, harvesting, threshing, and water pumping. Power tiller Machines can be used on both small and large farms, although they are especially suggested for farms with limited land area or steep, uneven terrain. The power tiller price is Rs. 20,000* to 3.00 Lacs*.

What are the Uses of a Power Tiller Machine?

1. Compared to tractors, power tillers use less fuel. While a tractor needs two liters of diesel to do an hour's worth of work, an agriculture power tiller just needs one. 

2. Compared to tractors, power tillers require less maintenance. Additionally, power tillers will last longer if farmers are vigilant about keeping sufficient fuel levels, cleaning the power tillers every day, and changing the engine oil as necessary.

3. When there is a severe labor shortage, power tillers are helpful. In areas where there is no labor shortage, they are also helpful because the labor may be used for other, less strenuous work. Power tillers will also work more efficiently and quickly than both human and animal labor. 

4. Power tiller machines work well on a variety of terrains, including flat land, hilly terraces, fields that are submerged in water, and dry fields. 

5. Power tiller implements are perfect for tiny spaces where plants are arranged in tight rows because they can be moved easily between the rows without causing damage to or harming the plants.

6. Mini Power tiller machine Simple to use, handle and maintain and more effective than both human labor and draught animals. 

7. Lessens the laborious work of farmers and draught animals. 

8. Lastly, by cutting back on resource waste and cultivation costs, total production is increased.

Famous Tractor Power Tiller Brands in India:-

1. VST Shakti Power Tiller

The Vst Shakti power tiller is a company that produces power tiller implements with efficient technology and advancements. The power tillers are packed with 405 kgs of weight and offer 13hp to 16 hp power. The VST Shakti power tiller Price in India starts from 1.50 lacs*.

2. Kubota Power Tiller

Kubota has an implement power starting from 13 hp and is highly economical and fuel-efficient in India. The farmers prefer its extraordinary quality and efficiency, which are incompatible. In India, the Kubota increases farming output and makes complicated, time-consuming tasks simpler with comfort and convenience. The Kubota power tiller price list starts from 15000*.

3. KMW Power Tiller

KMW power tiller is an adaptable tiller machine that is generally used to prepare land for agricultural purposes. It can operate continuously at high RPMs. This tiller machine is strong and high-performing, and it can tackle multiple tasks with ease. The KMW power tiller starts from 12 HP and goes up to 15 HP. The KMW Power tiller Price list starts from 15,000*.

Types of Power Tiller Machine

1. Mini-Sized Power Tiller 

These Mini power tiller tools are ideal for vegetable and fruit farms since they have limited cultivation areas, relatively soft soil that doesn't require vigorous tilling, and crops that must be moved through without damaging them. The mini power tiller price in India is also super affordable.

2. Medium-Sized Power Tiller

These power tiller machines are appropriate for farms with harder, rockier soil. The rotating tines of these tillers move the machine forward.

3. Large-Sized power Tillers

These power tiller machines are appropriate for larger farm fields where there is enough room to maneuver the tiller as needed. The wheels on these tillers move them forward, and the spinning tines are positioned in between the wheels.

How does a power tiller work?

The power tiller machine works in the following manner.

1. Preparation 

Power With a mould board or rotary plow connected, tillers can do a moderate amount of plowing. This tiller can be used by small farmers who have smaller land holdings to cultivate their land. Furthermore, it works best in hilly terrace regions where other big machines can't.

2. Seedbed preparation

Using a power tiller machine accelerates and perfects the preparation of seed beds. With the aid of a tiller, we may perform tasks like as harrowing, leveling, ridge formation, bund construction, etc.

3. Sowing 

Power tiller-operated seed drills and seed drills with added fertilizer can quickly sow a field.

4. Spraying and Fertilizer Operation

Medium-sized power sprayers can be used in the field using a power tiller implement. The machine also allows for the administration of fertilizer by spraying or seed drilling.

5. Method of cutting and harvesting

With the aid of the mower and reaper that are attached in front of it, a power tiller can also do the harvesting and reaping operations. The tiller can also be equipped with other harvesting equipment, such as a potato digger, among others.

6. Threshing

To accomplish the threshing procedure, a small farm-sized thresher is mounted to the tiller. The 5-20 HP threshers separate and clean the grains from straws and gather the grains in addition to threshing.

7. Pumping process

Power tillers can run irrigation pumps from wells, canals, or other irrigation sources. There are tiller hydraulic pumps on the market, and a rubber band is used to transfer power from the tiller to the pump.

What is the Price of Power Tiller in India? 

The power tiller price starts from 20,000 to 3,00,000 respectively. Purchasing a tractor is far more expensive than purchasing a power tiller Machine. Due to the wide variety of Power tillers on the market from mini power tillers to large power tillers, their costs vary depending on the features and horsepower that they provide. However, the cost of a Power Tiller in India ranges from thousands to lakhs, depending on the manufacturer and the horsepower of the machine. At this price, a farmer can easily buy an agriculture power tiller, improving the simplicity and efficiency of farm operations.

Where can you find the latest tractor Power Tiller Machine in India?

Visit Tractor Gyan if you're searching to buy the latest tractor power tiller machine and aren't sure which brand or model to choose. Here, we've compiled a comprehensive list of all the tractor accessories available in India so you can quickly learn about the Price of the power tiller machine, features, and specifications. Soon, start asking questions on Tractor Gyan about the tractor power tiller price list so that they may be accommodated in your budget.

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